Dr. Kim Addresses US Leaders at the Monthly Meeting


FFWPU USA: Dr. Ki Hoon Kim addressed leaders at the monthly leaders meeting in New York on November 5, 2014. He gave the following reports on True Mother’s visit to America in December and her desire to fulfill True Father’s last will of tribal messiahship.


The Holy Scriptures Are Our Life Line

When I went to Korea this time, I had personal meeting with True Mother. She was very sincere. She asked me, “Have you read Cheon Il Guk Holy Scriptures in English? I was very shocked. I haven’t read either volume in full. I told her, “Mother I just received them one week ago. I haven’t had a chance to finish reading them but I am reading it every day. For True Mother, these Holy Scriptures are the life line for each one of our Blessed Central Families, so without True Parents’ message, how can you live for the sake of True Parents? For the sake of our Heavenly Parent? Please invest $160 to purchase your own copy of this set.

Preparing for True Mother’s Return to America

Two weeks ago I was in Las Vegas and they were making many conditions for True Mother’s arrival in December. How can we prepare for True Mother’s return to America? What condition can we make? Not a condition done in my way, not in Las Vegas family church’s way. Please think about what she will ask you when she arrives. Her attention is always on doing things God’s Way, True Parent’s Way.  So, we too, need to think about that when we make an offering before God. Without that kind of preparation it is very hard to create an heartistic relationship with True Mother and eachother. Many times we have said there seems to be a lack of clear communication between True Parents and our blessed central families. We tend to miss the mark of what is expected of us when True Parents come to America. Thinking about what True Parents expect of us is the best way to base a condition on.

Tribal Messiahship

Dr. Balcomb and I were in Korea for a few days. True Mother spoke of her desire that we inherit True Parents’ tradition and fulfill True Father’s last will before he ascended to spirit world. How can we do it? This is the big question. True Parents said they already  told us what to do and how to do it. But still, some of us are waiting for True Mother’s next direction, True Mother is saying, we already know what to do and how to do it. We don’t need to wait for direction. So don’t point to somebody else. Point to myself. Point my family. Tribal messiahship means you are responsible to save your tribe. True Father gave us everything we need to do this: he gave us the Divine Principle education so that we could be a new tribal messiah; so that we can tell the world about True Parents, their message and teach Divine Principle.

We are only missing one thing we need to do:  we need to act on True Father’s last will to be new tribal messiahs. Sharing and teaching the truth has been the struggle of our Heavenly Parent for the last 6000 years. This has been True Mother’s struggle for the last two years. There is no action!

Do you have hope? No. Thirty years ago, people were saying they have no hope. And people are saying it today. Yes we have elected a new president every 4 years and we renew our hope and we think they will change something for us. If your family has no hope, then no one can bring God’s hope to the world.

Without us, without our initiative leading this country for the sake of God’s will, no one can give God’s hope to the world. We have the messiah here. Even if you are the president, without the message of the ideal, they cannot bring God’s hope to the world. We have God’s hope for America. In 1976 at the Yankee stadium True Father gave the speech, God’s Hope for America. Another year, he gave the speech, America is God’s Hope. Likewise, last Sunday, I titled my sermon: America Is True Parents’ Hope. If you switch that up the way True Father did his speech, it becomes: True Parents’ is America’s hope.

Without testifying about True Parents to the world, we have no hope. This is God’s hope for America. True Mother was very clear this time that we need to invest in fulfilling True Father’s last will: to develop new tribal messiahships, provide Divine Principle education and bring God’s Children to blessing. It’s very simple. How? Study Divine Principle and the Holy Scriptures with your tribe.

I know that because of God’s hear, because of True Parent’s desire for tribal messiahships, we will see a big difference next year. This is God’s providence. Whether we participate actively in it or not, God’s will, will move forward. So far, only two Tribal messiahs have blessed 430 families. But soon we will see many churches in support of our tribal messiahs. We’re not striving to build one family or one nation under God. No. We are striving to build on universe under God. This is True Father’s unchanging desire even after his ascension. From the spirit world, he is assisting True Mother in her ministry to build on this earthly world God’s kingdom. Read More


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