Culture of Healing Circle Workshop

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WFWP Australia: On October 25, 2014, The Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) and the Logan Elders held an Aboriginal “Culture of Healing Circle” workshop.

The event was held at Murrigunyah Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Women (Murrigunyah) in Logan and was facilitated by Aunty Peggy Tidyman. Aunty Peggy is the President of both the Logan Elders and Murrigunyah.

The MC of the workshop, Mrs. Mamiko Rattley, Chair of WFWP Queensland welcomed everyone and invited Aunty Peggy for ‘Acknowledgement of Country’.

Mrs. Mamiko Rattley briefly reported on WFWP’s aims and activities followed by 15 participants’ self-introduction.

Before the main topic Aunty Peggy presented the history and background of Aborigine people and culture with the map of Aborigine tribes. She emphasized on importance of circles and asked everyone to remove shoes because the ground rejuvenates and regenerates us and brings us into connection with Mother Earth.

Aunty Peggy said, “In this modern materialistic world we have lost our intuition and connection to our past, each other and nature. Therefore it’s vital for us to connect to the four key elements of nature and then intuitively know who we are and understand what we are going through in our heart in order for the healing process to work.”

Then she explained each of the four elements of life: Fire, Earth, Water and Air in detail to help us understand how they connect to our lives.

Aunty Peggy took us outside and showed the four elements, which were set up outside the center of Murrigunyah. She suggested we have miniature symbols of those four elements in our home to help us to be aware and connect with them in our daily life. For example: burning candle – Fire, a potted plant – Earth, a small water fountain – Water, wind chime-Air.

All participants were very grateful to Aunty Peggy for her sharing of the precious culture of the Healing Circle with us.

To conclude the workshop, Mrs. Mamiko Rattley thanked Aunty Peggy and said that WFWP will keep providing opportunities like today for women to learn skills to heal and grow so that we women can be active promoters for a culture of Peace in our family, society and world.

(WFWP donated all participants’ workshop fees to Murrigunyah.)

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