Couples Invest in Marriage (in Worcester, USA)


FFWPU USA: Unificationists know that the family is the key to creating a peaceful world, and at the center of every healthy family is a healthy marriage. The local Blessing & Family Ministry (BFM) of the Worcester Family Church set out to strengthen the marriages in its community. They invited Debby Gullery, a trained marriage educator and relationship coach, to present a one-day marriage enrichment seminar. Debby has many years of experience working with the national BFM and conducting seminars around the country.

The seminar, called “Teaming Up For Victory”, was held on Saturday, October 18, at a local library and was well-attended by couples of all ages. It was upbeat, practical and skills-based, and included presentations on marriage as a spiritual path, the importance of forgiveness, and effective communication. Each presentation concluded with a new skill or tool for couples to learn and practice in their daily lives. Throughout the day, participants recognized that the most important spiritual growth takes place in marriage, and that with intention and investment everyone is capable of improving themselves and their loving relationships.

Dimitry Vilchitsky, Pastor of the Worcester Family Church, appreciated the solid content and research, excellent, clear presentations, and great practical steps. He concluded, “I feel it already changing the way I see relationships!”

Rev. Dimitri and his wife, as well as several members of their local BFM team, met with Debby for dinner following the event to talk about current challenges and possible initiatives. Their discussion yielded many creative ideas and inspirations for continuing to strengthen marriages and families in Worcester. Read More