Bridge of Peace, Czech Republic and Russia


WFWP Czech Republic, Mrs. Marcela Rozehnalova – Prague, Czech Republic, 24. – 28. October 2014: When True Father was in Prague in 2005 he emphasized the need for more Czech- Russian couples. We only have three living in Czech Republic. The family situation of all of them is very difficult. We couldn’t make more couples but as WFWP we could initiate Bridge of Peace between our nations.

We contacted WFWP Russia in Mai 2014 and were very happy for immediate positive response and wonderful cooperation with WFWP Russia. Since there is big resentment towards Russian people in Czech Republic, we determined ourselves to make it really Czech-Russian – not just with women living in participating countries but having other nationalities than Russian and Czech.

During the preparations, both countries were confronted by many difficulties and challenges. It was very tough. From the very beginning we felt the very deep meaning and need for Czech-Russian reconciliation. No matter what we felt we will make it since from the very beginning it was more than clear that Heavenly Parent and True Father Himself was behind.

I would like to express my gratitude to Heavenly Parent and True Parents, to our emissary, Mrs. Moon Lan Young for her precious support, to WFWP president of Russia Olga Vakulinskaya and her team for wonderful communication and investment to bring the top VIP´s – Ambassadors for Peace (artists and very precious Abel type women) to Prague, to

our national leader Martine Masner and her support and all Czech brothers and sisters for having the heart to help and support this historical event.

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