Book presentation with discussion: Korea and the West


FFWPU Europe, Bratislava, Slovakia, 10. November 2014: UPF Slovakia organized a well-advertised event on November 10, 2014 in Bratislava. The topic was “The cultural differences between Korea and the West“. The presentation was inspired by the book titled “Doing Business with Koreans“ by Prof. Cche So-il which was translated by the publishing house Ideal recently. The event was held in a modern office building in the town centre. That evening an enormous traffic jam blocked the inner city, so we were truly grateful for every person who did arrived. UPF secretary general Milos Klas greeted the audience of almost 40 persons among them a considerable number of new guests. Among them were two historians, a filmmaker and a lawyer from the ministry of social affairs.

The first presentation was given by the publisher Dr. Juraj Lajda. To catch everybody´s attention, he let two students perform a sketch acting as a Korean business man and his English partner. Afterwards Dr. Lajda explained about the differences of their background and mindset and why they could not understand each other correctly. Since he has three children who study in Korea, he was able to tell many first hand experiences about the differences in philosophy and outlook of people in the Far East and Europe. Of course there was a short outline about the fantastic economic development after the Korean War, and many other points of interest. The second presentation was given by Mr. Milos Prochazka, who worked as a translator for Korean companies and presently does his post-graduate study of Korean language at the Comenius University in Bratislava. He talked about his own experiences with the differences in background and understanding and about resulting conflicts, be it during business meetings or between Korean management and Slovak or Czech employees. The perfect presentations were well received and provoked a lively discussion afterwards. All guests said that the enjoyed the meeting very much and are willing to attend similar events.

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