Annual CARP-Germany Members Meeting


FFWPU Germany Gießen, Germany, 25. October 2014: About 30 participants mainly from Gießen, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf came. A handful of supporting members who used to be very active around the time CARP was founded, also attended. This made the day a really interesting event.

Around 10 O’clock Takanari Wakayama opened the program, and welcomed Dieter Schmidt up to share a lecture on the history and development of CARP. He emphasised that the original idea of CARP was to be active on university campuses and to attend with the Christian idea of God and man as well as universal principles of life. The anti-communist work was also reiterated, as it was the foremost issue in Germany before the Fall of the Berlin Wall. The talk was followed by a inspiring Q&A-Session.

After lunch Hyoson Yamanaka gave a report on the activities of CARP over the last two years. The focus was on national workshops that combined internal guidance like character education, community service, etc. as well as some optional fun activities. The second emphasis over the last two years was the elaboration of working groups where members can be creative and engaged beyond the workshops.

Hyo-Man Noguchi followed up with a talk about the need to continue to question the identity of CARP. There is a noticeable difference between current CARP activities and the precedent CARP from the early days of the movement. More specifically, the present focus has been on character building of the current members, instead of active outreach and witnessing for new members.

Everyone was given the opportunity to discuss these topics in small groups. After dinner the results of the discussion groups were presented. Members felt the need to intensify the identity question of CARP beyond the meeting and incorporate possible results in the constitution. They also concluded that taking care of new CARP members (for example through the “Bridge Workshop”) should remain a focus. A newsletter to improve the communication between different regions was recommended as well.

Hyo-Man Noguchi, Anja Wenzel, Takanari Wakayama, Hyoson Yamanaka and Jonathan Makkonen were elected as the new CARP Committee.

All attending members showed great interest in the further development of CARP as a tool that promotes unity. This successful meeting gave hope for even more positive progress in the near future.

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