True Love in Action in Oceania


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FFWPU Oceania:


Orphanage Volunteering work

On November 10 Rev. Santosh, 3 Korean staffs (Soeun, Kayeon, Junseok) and Kalisita did volunteering work at the St Christoper’s Home. They prepared games and foods for dinner.

At the orphanage, there were around 30 children aged from three to 18 and they really enjoyed the game prepared by Korean staffs. Before starting the game, children were divided into two groups: one was the shark team and the other was the jungle team. During the first game, they didn’t understand the game rules at first because they played this game for the first time. However, they came to understand how to play the game soon and started to enjoy this game.

Actually, Korean students prepared two games but they couldn’t play the second game because they didn’t have enough time. Afterwards, they presented some gifts to children.

Korean staffs expressed their feeling saying that children were so pure and bright on the contrary to their expectation for orphanage children and they felt loved by orphanage children.

A representative of orphanage children expressed their gratitude for their making this wonderful time and preparing a nice dinner. This orphanage volunteering work came to an end while eating dinner together with children.


Pure Love Movement

Three Korean Staff from Australia (Soeun Kim, Kayeon Noh, Junseok Yang) arrived in Fiji on 30 October. They have carried out pure love movement with the local member, Kalisita, since they came to Fiji. Korean staffs are inviting students to the lecture about AIDS and teenage pregnancy given by Rev. Santosh. They prepared the lecture at 11am and 3pm and invited students to the lecture at the University of South Pacific and Fiji National University. Even though they had difficulty in bringing people because November is the exam period, they have brought over 80 students to the lecture.

The problems about AIDS and teen age pregnancy are getting bigger these days in Fiji. According to the research, it said the rate of unwanted pregnancy during the recent six months accounted for 64% and the rate of single mom is increasing. Accordingly, Rev. Santosh and students shared their idea about how to prevent AIDS and teen age pregnancy and solution of these problems. He said because the pure relationship of love between a man and a woman was a sacred gift from God we should preserve it preciously.


The Prime Minister of Fiji’s high school visiting

On  November 7 the Prime Minister of Fiji visited the Nakasi high school together with many distinguished guests, Rev. Santosh and Korean staffs from Australia (Soeun Kim, Noh Kayeon, Junseok Yang).

This event started with singing of the national anthem by students, followed by speeches of the Prime Minister and other distinguished guests. Afterwards, students performed a beautiful song and people spent a beautiful time talking with each other while having refreshments.

Rev. Santosh also talked about True Parents with the Prime Minister and he responded positively saying, “I know True Parents well. If there is an event in the Unification Church, I will participate in that event”.

Afterwards, Rev. Santosh and Korean staff took a group photo with the Prime Minister of Fiji and the event was concluded.