What do children really need?


FFWPU Europe: Panel discussion on the subject of “What do children really need?” hosted by UPF-Upper Austria on September 20th 2014 in Linz on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day established 60 years ago by the UNICEF

The event was opened by a musical performance by Harue and Ye young. And the contributors were:

Ms. Marion Elisabeth Hopfgartner (Book author, Founder of the “Lelek-Concept”, http://www.lelek.at  especially emphasized in her talk, we should see children as humans rather than centering our view on their performance.

Mr. Martin Merz (Book author, Chairman of the Upper-Austrian Freinet-Pedagogy-Association “Atelier Schule”, Primary school teacher and working in the continuing education of teachers) lively told of his experiences as teacher. He especially dedicated himself to progressive education after Freinet.

Ms. Barbara Felton BEd (Montessori-Pedagogue), 25 years old, was the youngest speaker at the podium. She is working at a private Montessori school. She emphasized the importance of living in an extended family for her own development, being with grandparents and having siblings helping each other with their different talents.

Afterwards we screened a video of an interview with André Stern, which can be found under the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HOcBJIhmFtk (in German), http://www.andrestern.com/en/

The panel discussion was moderated by Mag. Maria Pammer (UPF Upper Austria), who also conveyed words of welcome by Upper-Austrian Governor Dr. Josef Pühringer. The following discussions were very inspired. The three speakers were nominated Ambassadors for Peace for their commendable dedication in their work with children.


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