WFWP Netherlands UN International Day of Peace 2014


FFWPU Europe: Three members of WFWP Netherlands joined the event organized by Women’s Plaza in The Hague, Netherlands, 20. September 2014, in cooperation with ProDemos (House of Democracy & Rule of Law) called Salon Women & Democracy.

Six Tables were organized with women from different educational & vocational backgrounds. Each table had her chair & expert on the theme Democracy and looked at it from different angles. Our table was chaired by a former member of parliament (35 yrs old). She voluntarily stepped down because she couldn’t agree with certain issues (moral issue problems mostly). Her educational background being journalism makes her a frequently invited person in programs on television and other media.

Women’s plaza organized also last year a women’s meeting around the very first lady who received the Nobel Peace Prize, Mrs. Bertha von Suttner.

The photographer Mrs. Mieke Schlaman initiated this time again the event in cooperation with ProDemos (ProDemos is one of the key partners of the NECE (Networking European Citizenship Education)). Funding came from Fonds 1818 as well.

We talked at the end with the Project manager of ProDemos and from this conversation the plan came to work together with ProDemos & Vrouwenplaza for the UN Int. Day of Women in 2015. Overall the spirit was vibrant and the program was well organized. One lady (Anita Poolman) red poems about the early Greek ladies and some poems from South Africa. Her performance was excellent. She was also brilliant in her moments of silence. Music was performed by a harpist, a young lady. Everything was done elegantly. There was a mixture of younger ladies and older, more experienced, ladies. Everyone was interested in making progress and investing more of themselves.

The participants from WFWP’s side were: Mihoko Koetsier – Ikeya, Setsuko van Vliet – Matsumoto and Rita Salaris – Lichtenberg.

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