Weekly Update: A Blooming Legacy

FFWPU USA: This week marks 54 years since True Father faced imminent death before he was miraculously liberated from a North Korean prison camp on October 14, 1950. True Father said, in the Pyeong Hwa Hoon Gyeong’s eighth message of peace, “It is the anniversary of the day when I was liberated by the United Nations forces and became a free man after spending two years and eight months in a North Korean prison. I had been unjustly imprisoned for conveying Heaven’s message to the people living under the communists. They took over North Korea shortly after the independence and liberation of my country (in 1945). October 14, 1950 was such a perilous time, and Heaven was compelled to create a miracle. It was on this day that I, the person with the seal of the True Parent of humankind, was to be publicly executed. There was no way that Heaven could ignore such an incident. I declare this day, which bears such great providential significance, to be a historical day of victory through which I offer glory and respect to Heaven, and blessings and love to the earth as the True Parent of humankind under the protection of God.”

Since then, True Parents have blessed millions of couples in marriage including the 6,000-Couple Holy Marriage Blessing, also which also occurred this week in history. As we celebrate the historic significance of this week, we are grateful for the following ways in which True Father has impacted the world and continues to do so to this day:

  • Earlier this week, the End Time Apostolic Church, a Nigerian church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, celebrated its 16th anniversary with a festive and lively Sunday Service. Because they met the God’s Hope for America pilgrimage earlier this year, they invited Dr. Michael Balcomb, President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU USA), to speak there.
  • True Parents’ work has been honored in Nigeria with an award presented by the Nigerian government to Olaleye Alao, National Leader of FFWPU Nigeria, honoring the Marriage Blessing and education work that FFWPU does in Nigeria.
  •  Las Vegas is alive with outreach and soon-to-come peace education. This past Sunday, Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director of FFWPU North America, delivered a Sunday sermon and visited the University of Las Vegas (UNLV) campus for outreach activities alongside the Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) at UNLV. We are also excited to welcome True Mother for the grand opening of the International Peace Education Center this December!

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