Visiting Members Families in Durrës, Albania


Visiting Members Families, 12 families of Durres Members

October 13-14 , 2014, Durrës, Albania

FFWPU Albania (by Eranda Mustafaj): We would like to let you know our last activity in our city. As we started the new academic year, many of our members has difficulties with their families face difficulties with their families to come to our centre. For this reason, we thought to make a visiting tour to deepen our relationship with parents of our members. Together, we as blessed couple, and community leader (Arjan Haziraj and Eranda Mustafaj) decided to visit 12 families of our core members.

The purpose was to get closer to their families, as they often think that we get their children from them, or school, family, work, friends, etc. And it is good that they could hear more things from us regarding our movement, and not only what our members say, so they can get some information more officially and seriously from Community Leader. Of course, going there as couple, is much more trustful to them.

This was a way to show our support and appreciation toward brothers and sisters who are investing in our center. Behind good members, there are good families. We experienced many beautiful experiences from each family, in which their care and love made us feel as part of their families. We couldn’t share deeply regarding True Parents or God, our ideology. This time we thought to have more heartistic relationships with these religious people, but who believe in different ways in God.

Also, during these visits, we could give the Holy Wine to one grandmother. This was a great joy for us and for Heavenly Parent. We are very young compare to experiences of these parents, so we could profit a lot during these visits and we could share our love what we do with them. We often focus in teaching the Divine Principle the young boys and girls, but we forget to spread them also in our families. Through this tour we thought to make a stronger and secure foundation for the future. We wanted to share our joy with you as part of our big family.

We wish a lot of blessing to you from Heavenly Parent and True Parents!