UPF South Africa meets the Executive of All African Federation of Churches (AAFC)


FFWPU Africa: The Universal Peace Federation of South Africa today (7 October 2014) met with the executive of the All African Federation of Churches. This Federation is comprised of some 9000 different African indigenous churches whose following number is about 80% of the South African population.

UPF chairperson, Prof. JS Maseko, chaired the meeting, which included our East African Regional President, Rev. Bakary Camara. The All African Federation of Churches’ president, Archbishop NS Tsekedi, opened the meeting with a prayer and then introduced himself and his executive entourage. After the introductions and pleasantries, UPF Secretary General, introduced our True Parents as the founders of UPF and then went on to give a brief presentation of the mission of UPF.

Archbishop Tsekedi and his entourage were very inspired by the presentation, particularly the all-embracing spirit of UPF. They found much in common with UPF and were very willing to work together with us.

Rev. Ledwaba suggested we draw up a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to which they agreed and endorsed. Prof. Maseko further suggested that we create a joint working committee to identify a project that we can jointly develop to promote peace and assist with poverty alleviation in our country. They nominated four of their members who will work together with UPF on this endeavour.


Archbishop was particularly interested in the Peace Ambassador Award and wanted to know how he could qualify for to receive it. UPF committee thought it fitting to confer the Peace Award to the Archbishop in recognition of his effort to foster peace among the indigenous churches by uniting them under one federation. His executive members suggested that we confer the peace award to the archbishop at the centenary celebrations of one of their member church. This will take place at an 80 000-seater soccer stadium on 9 November 2014. This is important it will be witnessed by approximately 100 000 people at the stadium and more than a million via television. The archbishop was very excited at this prospect.

Before closing Rev. Camara presented the archbishop with a gift of Ilhwa ginseng tea (see picture).

The meeting closed with an African spiritual chorus and a prayer by Prof. Maseko.



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