UN International Day observed in Iceland


FFWPU Europe: During the time when the Secretary General, United Nations, Ban Ki Moon, visited the Island in 2012, he praised this nation to be the most peaceful country of the world.

On the 21st of September 2014 religious representatives and politician’s gathered to express their will to work together to build peace and continue to make Iceland a model country of peace in the 21st century.

In only two weeks’ time the meeting in the Free Lutheran church was arranged and settled. Articles and advertisements served to inform the public about this event. First a 2Gen read the UPF declaration on peace. The speakers were from the Ahmaddiyya Muslims, Baha’i, Soka Gakai, the National Church of Iceland, the free Lutheran Church, the family federation for world peace, the Philippine consul and the deputy speaker of the Icelandic parliament who served at the same time as MC.

Especially big applause received the speaker of the FFWPU for her speech and quotations of the autobiography of Father Moon.

The spirit of mutual friendship that emerged from the speeches was nicely underscored by a violin performance of a Pakistani Teenager and two young Baha’i singers and guitar per- formers.

Silja Dögg Gunnarsdóttir who only a few weeks ago had participated in the world summit and had handed Mother Moon a beautiful book on the Eyjafjallajökull eruption of 2010, was the MC, She did her job with great enthusiasm and was truly taken by the spirit and tried hard to get the TV stations involved as well.

Internal highlight of the event was the water ceremony, signifying the distinct origins of each religion and at the same time emphasizing the same goal, like rivers that spring in different regions, but merge into the same vast waters of the oceans were they mix. The religious representatives here were supplemented by a Jewish and catholic representative.

This event was organized and inspired by the local UPF chapter, but carried out by those fantastic leaders and artists mentioned in this article. It is the wish of UPF Iceland in line with its founder’s spirit and guidance, the Rev. and Mother Moon that the peace among religions and civil society that was demonstrated in Iceland may be contagious and spread throughout the world.


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