UN Day of Peace in San Marino

FFWPU Europe: (by Giorgio Gasperoni, San Marino, 25. September 2014)

We invited a delegation from Israel, Hod Ben Zvi, Prof. Glaubach and his wife for a week tour in San Marino and several Italian cities. My wife and I went around with them.

The Delegation has been received officially by the representatives of all political Parties presents in the Parliament. The talk went very well. They agreed to support some of our initiatives for promoting peace in the Middle East.

The San Marino TV was there and made an interview with us and reported the event in the evening news. The newspapers reported about the event as well. On the evening, we organized a dinner with 15 of our AFP and it was very successful.

And here are: Newspaper article about the meeting at the Parliament (in Italian)

Newspaper article about the dinner with the AFPs (in Italian)



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