We Are One in Attending True Parents


True Mother’s Words during the World Leaders’ meeting on the 27th of October


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 True Mother called for a meeting to take place on October 27. She summoned all the Supreme Council members and other leaders from around the globe to Cheon Jeong Gung for this Special Meeting for World Leaders. This is the message she delivered on that day to an audience of around three hundred people.


Thank you for your hard work. The reason I have called you all here today is because we are going to have the [Sunhak] Peace Prize award ceremony next year as part of Father’s third anniversary. Moreover, because we need to make a little bit more effort in presenting our accomplishments, I have been thinking about everything—about how, by what methods, and with what kind of motivation we can create greater results.

As I have said many times, we are united as one in attending True Parents. You have to carry out your work while maintaining the standard of one heart, one body, one mind-set and one harmony. That is why I am determined to set things straight again and help you feel motivated, so that by the third anniversary, and further, by 2020, you can all reap the greatest harvest of your lives. Do you understand? [Yes!] Because I love you, I have come to this decision.

Until now, you have observed True Parents’ lives while staying at their sides. You have received their teachings. Yet, you have not been able to be moved by this and deeply, 100 percent, experience it in your body. You have not paid attention to your siblings or neighbors. Our past way of life must change now. You have to reflect on and repent over why you have been unable to resemble True Parents even though they taught you everything so clearly and even though you were at their sides, witnessing how they lived. Do you know what I mean?

Let me ask you a question. Do you know about Dae-mo nim? What kind of person was Dae-mo nim? Three generations of her family, rooted in the history of the Christian faith, searched for the returning Messiah in the flesh. She spent her entire life seeking the Lord and she is a unique woman and mother that was able to open up the environment through which you could be resurrected. She is the one who carried out that providential work. She is the only person to have successfully preserved in history the family of God’s only begotten daughter and to have given birth to his only begotten daughter. Two thousand years ago, Holy Mother Mary gave birth to Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son. Although she gave birth to him, she was unable to create an environment for him. She could have, but she did not. As a result, God’s only begotten son was unable to meet God’s only begotten daughter.

What happened in the end? Didn’t Jesus die on the cross? His promise to return has sustained two thousand years of Christian history. When you think about this, you today are blessed people to have been able to hear True Parents’ and Dae-mo nim’s teachings and to have taken part in her works. Do you agree? [Yes!]

You received the blessing because of True Parents. You are their children. But what did I say yesterday? I said that by receiving the blessing you have become the water of life, clear water that is not like the muddied waters of the fallen world. Even though you are like clear water, you still must fulfill your responsibilities. If you remain stagnant, you cannot avoid becoming self-centered, always thinking of receiving blessings only for your own convenience, and thus like stale water. Therefore, you have to flow. You have to spread yourselves broadly. You have to connect with the bigger current. Then you can flow into the vast oceans. I am referring to the seven billion people of the world. You have to create and bring into realization an environment in which they can attend True Parents. Yet, you are in the position where you cannot even master yourselves. That is why we have needed Dae-mo nim’s works. Do you agree? [Yes!]

However, not just anyone could conduct Dae-mo nim’s works. She comes from a family raised by heaven. She is from a special tribe. Her household gave birth to God’s only begotten daughter. More than anybody else, she was aware of the history of Heaven’s providence of restoration through indemnity and made actual preparations to receive the returning Lord. Don’t you agree? That is why there is no one comparable to Dae-mo nim.

Rev. Oyamada just gave a report using his rough Korean. How much of it could you catch? He is a very intelligent man. I know he speaks many foreign languages, but I think he is least proficient in Korean. I could understand what he was saying but I wonder how much you could. It is so difficult to express oneself in words. How much harder would it be for a spirit person to work on earth! Would it be easy or difficult? [It would be difficult.] It would be difficult if the spirit person herself were having a hard time. It’s difficult even to have control over one’s own body. But to work through another person’s physical body? Is this possible? It has required her strenuous effort, beyond our imagination. Her works could only be done with the assistance of Heaven. I know Dae-mo nim very well.

I will ask you a question: What is the difference between a one’s nanny and one’s actual mother? [The lineage] What else? [A difference of heart] Anyone can give such answers. But I would like to explain it like this: A nanny is a public figure. She cannot have personal emotions in the task entrusted to her. A less mature mother might spoil her child because of her compassion or other circumstances. Do you understand?

When Dae-mo nim gave birth to me, Heaven told her “You are her nanny.” She displayed absolute faith. That is why I never thought about my natural parents. I did not yearn for them. My original, true parent is God. That is what my grandmother taught me. When I was young, she taught me that my father was God. That’s the only thing I learned from her. That is why I was placed under heaven’s protection, where I have remained until this day. Nobody educated me. God’s only begotten son and God’s only begotten and CARP at the center. You cannot say that God’s only begotten son educated God’s only begotten daughter. Do you understand what I am saying?

That is why it was my decision. I have my own firm resolve. If the environment was prepared in such a way to help me, Dae-mo nim was indeed a nanny. Do you understand?

She did not harbor any ulterior motives throughout her life. Yet, more than anyone else, she was aware of providential history, of the returning Lord and of True Parents’ stature. It would have been so good if the blessed families, those who have received the blessing, were all competent enough that I could be free of worries in all respects. However, not a single family has been worthy of praise. All have fallen short. True Parents occupy that single central point for which Heaven yearned deeply for six thousand years and for which humankind has longed. Although they appeared, not all the Cain-type children who attended True Parents were qualified. Even though they received the blessing they did not all achieve a passing grade. How sorrowful that is. How miserable True Parents must be. This can be expressed in simple words, but it is serious.

Think about this: When True Father took his first steps dealing with God’s historical providence, he began from the very bottom of hell. He followed a path that severely challenged his physical body. The torture he went through under Japanese imperialists is not something that you who live in these times today can imagine. You’d heard about this from True Father in his speeches, hadn’t you? The reality was that he had to come back from the point of death many times. There is a limit to life, to the human lifespan. No matter how great a soul he is, even as the True Parent, the day had to come when he shed his physical body. Only then could he enter the eternal world. I am sure you are aware of the concept that we go through three stages of life. In other words, we are all destined to see the day when we discard our physical bodies. The physical world is a place where we can fully enjoy everything, in order to nourish our lives in the spirit world.

The spirit world is where you breathe true love. Envy and jealously have no place in that world. There, people do not plunder others to gain more for themselves. It is a world where people give, share, and love others, and rejoice together in happiness. Only then can it be said that they are happy.

Even if you are successful in your lives on earth, if you feel a sense of crisis because of a small mistake you commit, you will be unhappy and uncomfortable. That is how the conscience works. You have to discard all these problems while on earth and go to the next world in a body that conforms with life in the spirit world. Then you will meet your eternal Heavenly Parent and live surrounded by his love. That is the wish we have today. How close have you kept this to yourselves in your daily lives? If Dae-mo nim’s providence in Cheongpyeong had not actually happened, we would have attended our Heavenly Parent in a miserable manner. How great God’s bitterness would have been!

Furthermore, had we not been able to prepare the environment for a proper, final send off for True Father, I’m sure we would have been in a miserable and wretched situation and wishing to erase that moment forever. Yet, that day inevitably came upon us. Had anybody that had even had an inkling about this mentioned to me “We should prepare for that day in this way”? Did anybody say that?

You all have to repent; you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. If you do not digest what I am telling you right now and move on, it will be difficult for you to find your places as citizens of Cheon Il Guk in the new era.

Dae-mo nim is a spirit; therefore, in order to work on the physical plane she needs a proxy. Yet, it is not as easy as you may think to use another person’s body. The thoughts of that person on earth may not always be consistent. There is a saying in Korea: “A person is different in the morning and in the evening.” They say that you are different even before and after you use the bathroom. It is the same logic. Human beings within the fallen realm are all the same. Even you who received the blessing continue to fight among yourselves. It is not easy to carry on spiritual works with such people. It is not an easy task.

What I want to say, Hoon-mo, is thank you for your hard work. All of you must praise her for her accomplishments. She has achieved these together with Dae-mo nim. What I desire is for Hoon-mo to also think of her own family from the position of a nanny, as I explained earlier.

Heaven is fair. Don’t you see that when you look at me? I contemplated deeply for six full months in order to take large strides towards 2020 and because this moment now is a time to make a decisive decision. Shall it be for the sake of the whole; or shall it be for the sake of one person?

I am the True Parent. The True Children in my family have many problems. However, I am following the path of the True Parent. The seven billion people of the world are unaware of the True Parents. Once we save them all and transform them into citizens of Cheon Il Guk, the problems in the True Family will automatically be resolved. Do you understand? [Yes!]

I declare that it is now time for all of you to unite with True Mother, no matter what, and to take action and live up to your beliefs as a single organization, with one mind and one body. Do you understand?

Didn’t I announce the five organs of Cheon Il Guk? I have announced the five organs and have placed Cheon Jeong Won in Cheon Jeong Gung, where I will receive daily reports and carry out the providence. Are you all happy with this?

I am receiving reports through the special emissaries about matters that I was unaware of, and I am able to deal with them immediately. That is why Yang Young-taek, regional president of the Middle East Region, said thank you to me. I have to know things. If I do, I can deal with them immediately. I cannot be left in the dark. You must disclose everything, and then I can make corrections. I am telling you to be frank. In any event, the providential history that began from Korea is the mainstream. Haven’t I said that this will grow to become a great current that will sweep across the five oceans and six continents and that all life will be resurrected in its wake? We must enthusiastically take action in making that a reality.

To accomplish this, you should all learn from the good examples that you heard in the reports from each region today and make effort to achieve similar things. You should hold hoondokhae every morning and offer jeongseong in your families and at church. Only then will you mobilize the spirit world.

Now you have nothing to fear. You are not alone. The spirit world is working through you in a comprehensive way. You should be grateful for these busy but happy times when you can actually feel this happening, and accordingly take action. Otherwise, you and your descendants will be left in bitter sorrow.

I have said that you should all become noble families. I have asked you all to become devoted sons or daughters, patriots and divine children of God. It all depends on you. That is how a parent feels. I have lived my entire life by forgiving and forgetting. I did not try to remember and I made effort not to view others with preconceptions. I hope that you can continue to be as successful as you are right now to the very end.

Perhaps because finally my intent is being conveyed, people’s hearts are touched. It has taken you that long to grow. How long will you need to be protected, as you are now? It is time for you to take responsibility on your own. Do you understand?

I see that we have our main world leaders here today. You all must now be resolved, with the same heart that I have. I shall now make adjustments from Korea. If you want to become a great current and race toward the vast ocean, all the smaller currents along the way must combine. Our providential organizations should make effort to reduce their size as much as they can, rather than starting up new projects. We should make things into one rather than two. Yet, the Korean headquarters will still be lacking even if it grows in size. Now, the providential organizations [in Korea] should reduce their size as much as possible and unite with the Korean headquarters. The direction they should take should be centered on witnessing and then on raising leaders, with our second-generation members, young people, and CARP at the center.

I will appoint people without asking them in advance. I have decided to place two vice-presidents at the Korean Headquarters: UPF Korea secretary-general Mr. Lee Hyun-young, and [former YFWP Chairman] Rev. Yu Gyeong-deuk, you two will be the vice-presidents of the Korean Headquarters.

UPF Korea and the Citizens Federation for the Reunification of Korea have worked hard and achieved many results. This was necessary until now. Thank you for your hard work. However, for greater success, I want all of you actually to fulfill your responsibilities as tribal messiahs, so that I can take you all with me. I want to be proud of you in front of True Father. That is why I will combine UPF Korea with the Citizens Federation. Since they will be combined, I cannot remove one leader and not the other, so I will ask both presidents to step down and replace them with Mr. Son Byeong-ho.

Through him, I shall nurture UPF Korea and the Citizens Federation to become a new and young organization that can educate people about True Parents.I know that these are matters I should have decided at a meeting with all of you present. However, I deliberated on my own and waited for six months. I concluded that this was the way that would benefit you. That is why I have decided. Are there any objections? President Yoon Jeong-rho, Chairman Seol Yong-su.

You two should now raise the banner of tribal messiahship. I know that you have built up a foundation to this day.

Now it is time for you to harvest. This is possible, isn’t it?

I shall now aggressively put the five organs into motion. The Cheon Eui Won [Cheon Il Guk parliament] is headed by Rev. Kim Young-hwi and the global providence of this institution shall be carried out through the people that Rev. Kim selects.

The members of the Korean Cheon Eui Won, however, shall consist of prominent figures, early members, and former pastors and leaders of our church and elders. They shall take the lead with the Korean headquarters in carrying out the tribal messiah mission. The Mormon church, for example, does not have a complicated church doctrine, yet their organization has expanded globally. They began with seventy elders. Now that they have expanded throughout the world, I think they have a great many more. These are successful people that are recognized in society and recognized because of their lifestyles. They serve their church without any compensation. When I went to Utah to visit the Mormons, I met a Mormon elder who was a Korean. So I am now placing you all in the position of the actual owners of Cheon Il Guk.

Do you understand? Clear water must not remain still but must flow! You must not be resting on the excuse of how old you are. Until you depart for the next world, you must continue to revive the people, who face inevitable death. In what other way can you harvest fruit through your physical lives on earth? This is the only way. I am speaking about living and dying well. It is important to take on an important mission, but I am now giving you an opportunity to establish the tradition as noble families, central figures that can easily leave legacies behind for the future and for your descendants.

The mission headquarters [FFWPU International Headquarters] must help the missions worldwide. Although it will not be able to assist much, it should assist with maintaining momentum. It should become one in mind and body with the Korean headquarters so that the mission of tribal restoration, also, is accomplished in Korea, and so that Korea can thus preserve its honor. [Applause].

Vice-president Lee Ki-seong, I appoint you as the head of the Cheongpyeong Heaven and Earth Training Center. I appoint Rev. Lee Myeong-kwan as the vice-head.

The Training Center should return to what it originally was when Dae-mo nim first began. Hoon-mo used it as a venue to bring life to the members and nurture them so that they could be qualified to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk.

I hope that Hoon-mo, as the head of Jeongshimwon Prayer Hall, can bear beautiful fruit. You should not abandon your public mind but must understand where you belong. That is the way to save those around you. Do you understand?

The organizations within the Cheongshim complex shall be managed, maintained and developed by the Cheon Jae Won. There is much to do from now. Chairman of the Cheon Jae Won! Do you understand? I am entrusting this to you. Through the Cheon Jeong Won and through the mission headquarters centered here in Cheon Jeong Gung, we are globally one! Regional presidents! Special emissaries! Is this clear? We must move in that direction.

Also, in order to strengthen the Cheon Beob Won [Cheon Il Guk Judiciary] and its development, I felt that we need to conduct further research in order that we can create a perfect constitution for Cheon Il Guk. I shall have Dr. Kim Jin-choon, head of the Cheon Beob Won, focus solely on this task. Accordingly, the Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology will be headed by Prof. Cho Kwang-myeong! I have changed his name.

All organizations must become financially independent. To achieve this you must make effort. You must invest jeongseong. Sending out a memo telling people to gather or to come here is the old way of doing things. Now I am trying to appoint young people for the sake of our future generations. From now, the age group will continue to become younger. This is necessary for the sake of our future. I see that the UPF international president is here with us. You have to raise your successor. This is very important. That is why after True Father’s seonghwa, the first thing I did was reinvigorate the education of second-generation members.

An eternal future awaits us. Everything depends on what we do. Take the history of Christianity, for example. It took more than three hundred years for Christianity to be recognized by Rome. We have to be different. We have to achieve the same feat while True Parents are still on earth. In order to do that, all organizations and everything must become united and become one in heart and body as we harvest results. I am talking about results. Do you understand? Will you do this? All of you that promise to do this, clap your hands hard and pledge in front of me! [Applause]

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