True Mother: “….While I am on Earth, you must let all seven billion people know of True Parents’ emergence”

Peace TV: Weekly update (Octtober 18, 2014)

True Parents News
Mother’s Message on Fulfilling the Tribal Messiah Mission and Training Young Leaders

Korean News
1. The 14th Rally to Elevate the Spirit of Early Patriotic Martyrs plus Korean-Japanese Joint Memorial Service
2. Yeong-won Family Church and Su-seong Family Church Dedicate New Sanctuaries
3. Opening of a Leadership Academy for Pyeongae Leaders by UPF-Korea

Global News
1. Youth Convene for Pure Love, Taiwan Carries Out a 120-Day Witnessing Competition, A CARP Revival Workshop Held in Thailand
2. Campus Witnessing by CARP in Las Vegas Family Church , Boston Family Church Holds a Memorial for True Father
3. Bolivia’s First National Home Group Rally, UPF Meeting in Ecuador, Volunteer Work Carried out by Missionaries in Uruguay, Belgian National TV Visits Farm Leda
4. Dedication of a New Headquarters in Ukraine
5. Five-Day Divine Principle Workshop for Second Generation Members Held in Sydney, Three-Day Divine Principle Workshop for Young Second- and Third-Generation Members
6. UPF-South Africa Meeting Executives of the All African Federation of Churches, Seven-Day Tribal Messiah Seminar for National Leaders, Youth Federation for World Peace in Uganda Holds a Workshop
7. Memorial for Victims of the Ontake Volcanic Eruption

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