True Father’s Legacy: Workshop in Sofia




OCTOBER 11-12, 2014


FFWPU Europe: On 11-12th October we organized a workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria about True Father’s legacy. Almost all family members of our small community gathered from three different cities. The lecturer was the Hungarian national leader, Tibor Krebsz. The program was very concentrated with a lot of lectures and deep content but there was a very bright and uplifting atmosphere so it was not difficult to stay awake and follow.

Some of us did not really know what to expect as we did not have so much experience with Tibor and we did not know him, but at the end we agreed that it was Heaven’s guidance that sent him to us and several brothers and sisters testified that it was exactly what we needed.

The titles and the content of the lectures were: Why Could CIG Start at the 21st Century? How Can You Experience CIG? Why Do I Need an Abel Figure and Why Do I Need to Become an Abel Figure? Forgiveness. True Father’s Last Will (based on True Father’s final speech and Pr. An’s lectures).

After the lectures we had a special Burning Ceremony for Resolving Resentments and Starting a New Beginning for the Bulgarian Unification Family.


Excerpts from testimonies and the evaluation of participants:

  • “The most powerful experience for me was during the Burning Ceremony. I made a prayer condition beforehand, preparing myself for this Ceremony. I prayed for Bulgaria and I had strog desire to burn not only our resentments, but the resentments of all the politicians towards each other and all people’s towards the politicians. Of course, this desire was like a dream, I didn’t have much expectations. But when the Ceremony started, tears just started to run down from my eyes. The papers were burning and I felt like something filled me up from the bottom of my body to the place of my heart. And this heart area became more and more tight and it was painful. One moment I felt difficult to breathe and I got scared about the consequences. I was trying to take deep breath and in the next moment I felt like all this pain is flowing down through my left leg. I opened my eyes and saw that the papers were burnt. We prayed and I felt like something important was done and it was good.”


  • “For me the workshop brought a lot of intellectual understanding, not only from the lectures themselves, but by sharing a lot with Tibor. I felt very good atmosphere all during the workshop. I was very relaxed and had a lot of power to concentrate from morning till evening… When Tibor mentioned that we should share our birthday cakes with the ancestors, a very recent experience came to my mind. Although we are praying for that we can always keep in mind that we live together with the ancestors, we just simply cannot experience this reality. Recently on our wedding anniversary of course, we again forgot to invite them and share the cake with them, but they found a way through one specially gifted sister to express their pain.”


  • “I liked the content very much, long time ago there was nothing similar.” “…meaningful lectures, the topic was consequently and logically presented.”

Special thanks to Tibor for the wonderful experience, his love and care and to all brothers and sisters who participated and made this event unforgettable.