The Month of Harvest and Liberation

FFWPU USA: True Mother delivered a message on the importance of having a dream and living a life spent pursing the dream of Cheon Il Guk Hoon Dok Hwe (daily study of the Word within the family) on October 1, 2014 at the Cheon Jeong Peace Museum, Korea.


October is usually referred to as the month of liberation and the month of harvest. Have you been working hard on your harvest? Anyone of you can say that you follow the way of God’s will, but that does not mean you are preparing for the future. What are your dreams? Most of you here today are probably in your late fifties. The young people attending from the outreach revival group; please stand up. For everyone else who is seated, though you have lived for more than fifty years, there is no guarantee that you will live for another fifty years. With this in mind, consider: what were your dreams and when will they come true? A person who is late in years and has not been able to establish a successor cannot achieve their dream, because they have no one to carry that dream forward.

Do You Have a Dream?

Among Korean Unificationists, there are many age gaps. I have been looking for leaders that can ignite a new youth movement; sadly, I can’t find anyone. There is much you still need to work on. As parents, you need to open the way for your children by emulating True Parents. You were determined to love and respect True Parents throughout their lives, but were you also determined to achieve their dreams? This vision must not end with your generation; instead you need to strengthen the foundation and environment that will enable this dream to be continued, developed and realized. A person with a dream is young, even at the age of seventy. No matter how young you may be, if you do not have any dream, there is not much guiding your life.

You have repeatedly heard that the physical world is where we prepare for life in the spirit world, the eternal world. What did the Hoon Dok Hwe we just studied say about the physical world? It said that this is where we prepare to harvest grain for the other world—grain that is ripe, intact and uneaten by bugs! Only when that grain is stored in the heavenly warehouse can our Heavenly Parent connect with you with love. Our lives here on earth are a short moment. From now on, put your faith in practice and act to fulfill that dream. Cheon Il Guk, God’s Heavenly Kingdom, is the substantiation of that dream.

When I am able to sit a while and watch the grains in the field blow in the wind, like golden waves on the land, many memories and thoughts come to mind. I wonder whether farmers in Korea are happy now that the harvest season has arrived, but I learn that, on the contrary, they have more worries. Our farmers in Korea are struggling with the issue of rice importation to Korea. All nations must be able to live well. Because of this problems surrounding the importation of rice, many places may suffer disadvantages during the distribution process of what little rice comes in. Such things happen because there is no true owner in this country or the world. You need to look to True Parents’ example. A single word from True Parents should be able to put everything in order, but because this isn’t the situation, people keep fighting and disputing issues. When you observe that, what do you feel?

Can I hold on to this dream of hope and have hope in you? I ask the young people in particular to develop dreams through which your courage saves the nation and the world. What matters is to begin. You are truly blessed people. Even if everyone has received the same amount of blessings, the people who develop those blessings well and expand the good environment through that become noble people, don’t they? Those who fail to do s, do not. If you are wise people, what do you need to do? You received the Holy Marriage Blessing in True Parents’ name and now have children and grandchildren. In light of that, how will your future descendants—hundreds or thousands of years from now—assess you? Read More

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