The first weekend workshop in the newly-renovated Seminar Centre “Neumühle”


FFWPU Europe: The first weekend workshop in the newly- renovated Seminar Centre, ‚Neumühle, Bad Camberg, Germany, 26. – 28. September 2014‘. A seminar for seven guests and about the same number of members launched the weekend workshop schedule in the newly-renovated ‘Neumühle’. Parallel to this, a European Leaders’ Conference took place in the big hall, with a group of about 80 participants. The small lecture hall in the main house and the room with the fireplace, were made available to us. The latter served as our dining room.

Our seminar began already on Friday evening with the opportunity to get to know each other. Each participant was given the chance to share something about him or herself. This proved to be very lively and afterwards we felt more deeply connected. A retired Catholic theologian, a mathematician, a University professor, and students- we were a motley group.

After breakfast the following day, Fritz Piepenburg began his lectures with an explanation of the concept of God and mankind from the viewpoint of the Divine Principle. This was followed by a lecture about the purpose of life, pointing out that the family is central in this context.

Between the lectures we enjoyed refreshment breaks and were able to exchange ideas and to become better acquainted with each other. The previous evening we had begun to sing together as a group, and we continued in this way so that our vocal chords slowly got warmed up!

The next lecturer was Claus Dubisz who spoke on the topic of personality development. He explained the process by which the personality unfolds, and of how in nature we can find countless examples to show that nothing is suddenly complete, but that there is always a process of growth to be observed.

The afternoon offered an opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings of the seminar center. Some of us were taken by car to Gnadenthal, a nearby village, where we could chat in a café and then make the 30 minute trip back to the Neumühle by foot. For others, Bad Camberg lent itself to a relaxed stroll through the old town.

All were back in good time for the next lecture and ready to grapple with the root of man’s contradictory nature.

That evening we could experience a cozy get- together where we sang songs, and enjoyed the different talents of our group, such as story-telling, tunes on the mouthorgan, and individual vocal contributions. When Fritz got us in pitch with a canon, the rudiments of a choir was recognizable. Who would have thought it! To crown the evening there was a camp fire. And we were all able to have a refreshing sleep, lulled by the burbling of the mill stream.

On the following day, we dealt with the life and works of Jesus. Above all, his tragic death and the idea that things could have taken a different course, make the topic particularly fascinating. This was followed by a structured view of history that showed us that we are living today in a time of special opportunities. And to conclude, we were made acquainted with the numerous projects of the Unification Movement, and heard a report about the exceptional life of Rev. Moon.

All too soon, the seminar came to an end. The pleasant peacefulness radiated by the nature in Taunus, was beckoning us to stay!

After lunch, we bade a warm farewell to those with a long journey ahead of them. Those who had a little more time took the opportunity for conversation or enjoyed a relaxing afternoon in the mild autumn weather.

This was a successful first step towards many more seminars of this nature!






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