Stepping Boldly Into the Future

FFWPU USA: Rev. Michael Balcomb’s Sunday Sermon in Los Angeles

…. One of the biggest challenges for me, and perhaps for many of you, is to keep God’s perspective and not be overwhelmed by the small scope of what we see as human beings. Sometimes there seems to be just too much trouble in the world, too many problems in America, even struggles in our own community or our own families, and it seems this is really too much, we’re kidding ourselves if we think that we are going to make an impact.

But that’s not true. In fact, throughout history God always has been looking for a small group of people to start with. In the speech that True Father gave to the United States Congress, he walked the congressmen and senators through that path of God’s history, starting all the way back with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob—the fathers of faith. One thing he pointed out was that if you were able to rely only on the Bible, you would think that these men and their families were the only people on Earth. They strode alone across the plains of Canaan or Syria. There’s very little account of them interacting with anyone else at all. So you may think, “Well, in those days it was easy. God had His champions; there was almost nobody else around; God talked to them every day; and, of course, they were able to keep the vision of God’s plan alive,” but in reality, of course, it was very different.

They also were just a handful of people in a society with many different religions, many different cultures, many different languages, and they faced exactly the same challenges we do today to keep faith alive, to keep believing that the small things that “I” do can make a big difference on the great scale. And the truth of the matter is that often they didn’t know the plan of God in its complete end; they knew only the little part that God had asked them. Read More

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