Special Emissary Rev. Kwang Kee Sa and his wife visit Munich


FFWPU Europe: On Sunday, the 21st September Rev. Sa and his wife surprisingly visited the Headquarter of the Munich Unification Community. Rev. Sa gave an inspiring sermon at Sunday service.

He mentioned that True Father did many mobilizations in order to expand our foundation and to strengthen our spiritual life. Now, after Father’s Seong Hwa, centering on True Mother, the time has come work as tribal messiahs.

He explained in a deep way the providential importance of Jacob’s course and that of his descendants’, Judah, Joseph… In the Completed Testament Age the time has come to build communities of heart.

He also gave much honest testimony about his own family and that he has come now to help, to listen and to advice.

After the service at lunch table brothers and sisters were happy to get the chance to come to know Rev. Sa and his wife. There was a good opportunity to share with him and many questions were raised and he tried to answer them all.

Unfortunately soon after lunch Rev. Sa had to leave and to return to Frankfurt.

We all were grateful for this opportunity.

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