Peace Festival in Switzerland

FFWPU Europe: To commemorate the International Day of Peace, the FFWPU Zurich community together with WFWP and UPF Switzerland organized a Family and Peace Festival with leaders of different religions in Cece Halle, Zurich, Switzerland, on 21. September 2014. To the sound of music, around 80 people, including 25-30 guests, gathered in the Hall for the commemoration. After a toast to peace with a cup of juice, UPF’s principles for peace and a video clip on UPF activities throughout the world were presented, reminding all that we constitute one family under God with the same aspiration to lasting peace through harmonious families.

A panel discussion then gave the opportunity to the representatives of different faiths to express their viewpoints on the topic “Young people as a beacon of hope for a peaceful world?” There was particular emphasis on the individual and collective actions to be taken in order to further peace around us rather than on personal beliefs.

The feeling that we need each other was all the more expressed in the following water ceremony in which each faith representative could add the flow of his faith to the common bowl of water. The morning program ended with the nomination of 4 new ambassadors for peace and the interpretation of a few songs.

To the delight of all the participants, a wonderful meal was served and the afternoon program gave all the opportunity to feel joy through young artists performing Tai Chi, songs, music and dance.

The event became an opportunity for all to experience love beyond barriers through freedom, peace, unity and happiness.

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