Opening the Gate for National Settlement of Tribal Messiah Movement, Marching Forward Vision 2020

Witnessing to Young People, Tribal Restoration and New Tribal Messiah Activities in Thailand

Peace Tour in Thailand: “Opening the Gate for National Settlement of Tribal Messiah Movement Marching Forward Vision 2020” September 22~26, 2014


FFWPU Thailand (by Dr. Lek and Rev. Kamol ): FFWPU & UPF Thailand marching forward for fulfillment of Vision 2020 by holding 77 provinces Thailand Peace Tour in Chumporn, Phatthalung & Surat Thani provinces in the Southern region of Thailand. This project uses the name which comes from the word of King Rama IX Bhumiphol the Great as “Thai Families: Understand, Love & Unite” which is popular and well accepted by government and people. These events happened after organizing Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival in 13 provinces and holding 77 provinces Peace Tour in first two province in Northeast region in last week. These 3 provinces are marked as province number 16, 17 & 18 that God’s providence reaching to.

The goals of Peace Tour aim to proclaim True Parent’s Peace Message and Divine Principle lecture to the Provincial Governor, top government leaders and community leaders at Provincial Capital Auditorium in each province. FFWPU & UPF Thailand determined to complete Peace Seminar Tour in the remaining 59 provinces before anniversary of Gwe Won Jeol in February 2015 as the Jeong Seong condition to offer to Heavenly Parent and True Parents to build the nation of Peaceful & Unity, “Cheon Il Guk” and to pave the way for the work of Tribal Messiah and God’s Ideal Family Movement to expand rapidly to the whole nation.

These 3 provinces of the South of Thailand are coordinated by Mr. Kittisak Chutharat, FFWPU Hat Yai center leader and director of Southern region of Thailand. He worked hard to challenge with such a long distance and challenging to visit and explain to the Governors and the Head of Social Development and Human Security in each provinces. There were positive responses from most of provincial capital governments to co-host with UPF and FFWPU to hold this project for peace and family value in their Provincial Capital Auditorium. God’s providence in Thailand is growing up rapidly in the higher dimension as never happen before, especially since the victory over court case and establishment of Interreligious Council for Peace in September 2011.


16th Province: Chumporn – 253 government leaders and community leaders join the seminar at the main hall of Chumporn city municipality. This province has foundation of Mr. Terdsak and Mrs. Atiporn Kaewchangthong family as 30,000 blessed couple who invested to his hometown continuously for many years. He prepared to hold 430 couples Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival co-hosted with Chumporn City Municipality on coming October 26.

General Terdsak Maromme gave welcoming remark. Mr. Kamol Thananopavarn, National Leader of Thailand gave reporting remark. He reported about Divine Principle workshop on topic “Family is School of Love and Peace” that 30,000 people join in 400 workshops and Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival for 15 events in 13 provinces that 8,000 people joined in last two years. Mr.Kamol urged Chumporn provincial government to support for the work of FFWPU to be expanded in villages and districts of Chumporn.

Mr. Lertphonchai Chaiyarit, Deputy Governor Chumphon Province gave Opening remark. He emphasized the importance of family to the community stability and urge the people to promote family value. He expressed gratitude to UPF and FFWPU to hold this remarkable event for family today.

Then, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy gave keynote speech on topic “Leaders and Vision for Ideal Peace Society”. He proclaimed all key important of TF’s teaching such as mind & body unity, conscience, ideal family, fall, value of sexual organ, etc. Then, Mr. Somyot Ketsrisang, Director of Education of FFWPU Thailand, gave Divine Principle lecture on topic “Family is School of Love and Peace”. Then, Gen. Terdsak Maromme gave closing remarks. Atmosphere at the end, many participants were inspired and expressed their desire to bring FFWPU education to their communities.


17th Province: Phatthalung – This province was well prepared by Blessed Families of Hat Yai city, the biggest city in the south of Thailand. The project and seminar was hold in the main auditorium on the top floor of Provincial Capitol Building with 90 participants as government leaders and community leaders. Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy, gave welcoming remark and reporting remark given by Rev. Kamol Thananopavarn, national leader of Thailand. The opening remark is given by Mr. Vinai Buapradit, Governor of Phatthalung who is the highest government officer in the province. He emphasized how families are important for security and peace of society and nation. He thanks to FFWPU and UPF to hold such an important project for families in Patthalung.

Then, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, CIG Special Envoy gave keynote speech on topic of “Leaders and Vision for Ideal Peace Society”. Then, Mr. Somyot Ketsrisang, Director of Education of FFWPU Thailand, gave Divine Principle on topic “Family is School of Love and Peace”. The vice director of one big school and director of social development and human resource development department of Phatthalung province were so inspired to know such an new innovative teaching about family, sexual love and peaceful community. Participants were so inspired by Dr. Lek and Mr. Somyot’s presentation and want to bring everything to be taught in the school and society, especially concept of Pure Love and True Love in the families.


18th Province: Surat Thani – 80 government and community leaders joined seminar at the main auditorium on the top floor of Provincial Capital Building of Surat Thani province. Gen. Pol. Thaveesak Tuchinda, UPF committee who was former Chairman of Bangkok Election Commissioner, gave welcoming remark and closing remark on behalf of Gen. Terdsak Maromme. Mr. Uaychai Innaka, the Deputy Governor of Surat Thani, gave opening remark. The director of Social Development and Human Security, was so inspired by TP’s teaching and vision for peace and want to continue to invest and support FFWPU work to be expanded in Surat Thani province. In the closing remark, Gen. Police Thaveesak testified how his family life has been transformed after knowing UPF and FFWPU. He urged all participants to become ideal husband and establish good family according to FFWPU teaching.


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