Mrs. Kang Dok Rae Visited Russia


FFWPU NER: NER Regional President Rev. Chung invited Mrs. Kang Dok Rae to Russia in order for us to inherit her victory in witnessing and Tribal Messiah activities. It is very symbolic that family name of National Messiah to Russia is also Kang. On September 13 Mrs. Kang spoke to Russian leaders, and next day at the Sunday Service. She talked about importance of witnessing. She herself successfully witnessed throughout her entire spiritual life, found many spiritual children, with whom she constantly stays in touch. Particularly strongly, she talked about the need to witness to young people aged 21 – 22, and shared her experience of witnessing.

Mrs. Kang is constantly in touch with the children of the second and third generations sharing with them about purity of love, the UC history, etc. She schedules meetings with her spiritual children and blessed couples; many ceremonies she holds herself. She makes effort to not only teach the truth to the children of the second generation, but also inspire them with desire for Blessing. During September 15-16 she was in St. Petersburg where she met with all members and personally with few couples.

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