Look Deeper with Weekend Retreats for College Students


CARP USA: The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP) recognizes that studying in college is not limited to science and math; there are deeper principles that guide our lives and connect us to God. That’s why, in these next few months, CARP is hosting several Divine Principle study workshops—weekend retreats that allow you to put life on pause, listen to your heart, and engage in gaining a deeper understanding of the Divine Principle.

“We hope to create an environment where people can open their hearts with each other and experience the Divine Principle in action,” says Akira Watanabe, leader of the CARP team at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). “The goals of these retreats are to introduce a God-centered viewpoint and value system, to help young adults still experience their spiritual growth while in school, and to have them continue to be a part of this ‘family,’ studying and living God’s Word together.”

The CARP Divine principle retreat includes fellowship, hiking, sports, lectures and discussions on the Divine Principle. The focus is not necessarily to convey a certain amount of the Divine Principle content, but rather to build authentic relationships, share the larger vision of True Parents and get excited to take part in building a God-centered culture.

The next retreat will take place the weekend of October 24-26. This event will be coordinated by the CARP chapter in Las Vegas with support of the Las Vegas Family Church, Los Angeles Family Church and Dallas Family Church. All college-aged young adults who would like to study the Divine Principle in a relaxing, comfortable and scenic environment are invited! Read More

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