Home Group Workshop to Empower Tribal Messiahs as Owners of Cheon Il Guk

3-Day Home Group Workshop to Empower Tribal Messiahs as Owners of Cheon Il Guk,  at Philippines Headquarters Church, Quezon City, Manila, October 4 – 6, 2014


FFWPU Philippines (by Rev. Julius Malicdem and Ms. Edna Ria Ame): Another historic workshop was held in the Philippines intended to empower tribal messiahs in their mission. The workshop entitled, “3-Day Special Workshop for Tribal Messiahs on Hoon Dok Family Church Community, was held last October 4-6, 2014 at the Philippines Headquarters in Quezon City, Manila. With the theme, “Multiplying the True Owners of Cheon Il Guk”, the workshop aimed at educating the key tribal messiahs in the country on how to educate well their tribes and immerse their tribes with the beautiful teachings and tradition we inherited from our beloved True Parents. Sixty representative tribal messiahs including Regional Directors from all over the Philippines participated in the 3-Day Tribal Messiah Workshop conducted by Rev. Jin Hun Yong, Director of the Education Department of FFWPU International. He was assisted by Mr. Motoyama, a second generation who is also currently in the Education Department of FFWPU International. Another second generation from Korea and now has a mission in International Peace Leadership College, Ms. Kim Hwajin helped a lot as translator for the whole program.

The workshop was indeed very timely as the blessed families fulfilling their heavenly mission as tribal messiahs are now very busy trying to educate their new spiritual children, mostly couples who have joined the several Interfaith Peace Blessing Festivals (IPBF) which were held in the different parts of the country for the past 2 years. Everyone was truly blessed with the fresh knowledge they got after attending the workshop which equipped them with the clear understanding and systematic way on how to be victorious tribal messiahs, how to raise up their own families as well as raising up other families   through building a hoon dok family church and community.

During the Opening program on the first day, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Special Emissary and Continental Director of Asia, gave a very motivating message for the participants as he emphasized the importance and timeliness of the workshop. He said, “this Home Group Workshop came in a perfect timing. This will greatly empower each of the tribal messiahs to have confidence in fulfilling their responsibilities in taking care of other families and new members”.

The first day of the workshop gave the participants a lucid grasp on what a Hoon Dok Family Church and Community (HDFCC) is and how to transition from a conventional church to a Hoon dok church. As Rev. Yong poured out his heart and jeongseong in these sessions, the participants learned the rudiments of the make-up of the hoondok church and community. One of the elders who attended the workshop said, “through the lectures, I came to realize that in order to be successful tribal messiah, I need to invest more in creating ideal relationship in my own family first, starting with ideal relationship between me and my spouse.” Another participants aptly said, “God revealed His clear strategy through this workshop, I can’t bring other people to heaven unless I myself become a citizen of heaven.”

On the second day, the vision of the Hoon Dok Family Church was tackled in the morning while different home group activities key points and the process of development were discussed in the afternoon. Mr. Motoyama shared about the successful model of home group in Brazil as he gave several personal testimonies of the importance of creating ideal relationships and substantiating CIG starting from own family. One of the leaders who participated in the workshop mentioned in his reflection that the Home group system based on True Parents philosophy is the way to lead all our members to realize Cheon Il Guk.

On the 3rd day of the workshop, the tribal messiahs learned the ropes of home church as Rev. Yong elucidated the rules in managing a hoon dok family church as well as the lifestyle of the people comprising that church. Lastly, he also focused on the life of a hoon dok family church and community leader (home group captain). The participants became so excited during the simulation of the HDFCC meeting where everyone was trying to feel how it is in real situation when dealing with the members of the home group. Most of the tribal messiahs who have dealt with real situations when taking care of their tribal members felt a lot of hope after attending the workshop. One tribal messiah wrote in his reflection, “I realized how much time and resources I have wasted in the past for not raising up the people in my tribe well. In this workshop, I learned a lot on how to invest my heart to love and care for the people through the guidelines, principles and roadmap of Hoondok Family Church system.”

In a nutshell, the workshop truly offered a clear strategy or formula on how to become victorious tribal messiahs. As our ultimate goal, tribal messiah mission entails a lot of hard work and sincere devotion in bringing substantial kingdom of heaven on the earth. However, more than that, it requires a systematic and organized scheme in order to guide its trajectory and fulfil its core objective. Our end goal is in alignment with our beloved True Mother’s vision to realize Cheon Il Guk 2020. The motto for vision 2020 given by True Parents is how we can become true owners of CIG by practicing true love and thereby resemble our Heavenly Parents. Truly, this workshop will guide us step-by-step in achieving this dream of national restoration so that we can ultimately bring joy and happiness to the hearts of our beloved Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

The workshop concluded with a final message and challenge from Dr. Chung Sik Yong and the united response of all the participants in bringing victory in the tribal messiah mission with resounding cheers of eog mansei and their resolve to bring more victories for God and True Parents!

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