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FFWPU Europe: The Family Federation of Liberia is experiencing a very critical situation since the Ebola outbreak. These members were calling to ask for help due to their terrible situation in Monrovia, Liberia with the Ebola epidemic.

We received the following letter from Kathy Rigney and as the only Company which is still flying to Liberia is Brussels airlines, we felt really concern about the situation of the blessed families in there.

“The situation is becoming more and more difficult as there is almost no food in Liberia since the borders were closed. Also, since food is difficult to find, many people are breaking into homes and stealing from others. Even one of our sisters who is helping our members had her home broken into. Everything is scarce and many people have nothing to eat.

We have about 30 blessed families living there and all the blessed children walk several miles a day in order to go to one blessed families home because this family’s mother has a job and so she feeds everybody. Something like 30 people a day she is feeding. Only rice, no sauce, no meat and no vegetables. That is the only meal they are able to eat in a day.

The country is in a state of emergency. So people cannot go out at night, the borders are closed and there is no way to go to hospital, in fact the hospital is a dangerous place. People are dying everywhere, especially children and their bodies are put in the street during the night.

Right now, Brussels airlines in Brussels (Belgium) are still operating.

We don’t know how long it will take before the Ebola emergency is brought under control. Until then, we feel that we have to help these 30 families there.

Please help our brothers and sisters, they need our urgent help.”

Kathy Rigney

So far with the help of all brothers and sisters from the Belgium community, we could collect enough money to send 2 pallets of foods and first necessities but every time we send a pallet, it cost about 1700€. Therefore we need your help at the European level to continue to help our brothers and sisters form Liberia. Please understand their situation and have a generous heart to make a donation. As soon as we have enough money we will send again a new pallet.

We will inform you through the European Office every time we send something. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

If you want to make a donation, please send on this account mentioning it’s for Liberia.

  • World Peace and Unification asbl:
  • IBAN: BE82 2100 4940 3768


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