Harvest Calls for Hard Work

True Mother gave this message following hoondokhae on 8.8 on the heavenly calendar (September 1) in Cheon Jeong Gung.



Note: This speech has been translated and edited by the members of the True Peace magazine team and published in October 2014 issue. Click here to get your own free copy of this magazine.



September is the harvest month. At this providential harvest time, our responsibility is to witness—to find the many ripened, prepared grains. Hence, you should boldly let people know about True Parents. Have you seen the recent popular movie, “Myeongryang”? The world has no owner. The people’s hearts feel empty as a result. The leaders in those days were not able to truly lead the people and help them.

That is why when Lee Sun-shin stood on the frontline in that difficult environment, with the heart to serve the people, the people united. This changed Korea’s fate. What do you think would have happened if Lee Sun-shin had not been there at that time?

Even though this age has many great people, people are still waiting for a true owner. What position are you in? You are family members that have received True Parents’ blessing. You must inform people about True Parents. You should inform them, so that they become aware of True Parents. Do not be afraid! If you become one with True Parents, you can overcome and resolve all problems. Should a person that knows about this simply remain dormant? You should take the lead to witness and educate people! Father always said that there is no perfection in ignorance. Hence, you should let people know. Now is the time when you should boldly advance. Do not fear better established religious groups.

I called members of the Youth Federation and CARP here today. You have come at the right time. Remember that many prepared lives are waiting for your voice and touch. Challenge yourselves and meet these people! It is not incorrect to say that the history of our Unification Church started from CARP. The standard of our Unification Church is high. When conveying the word, you are people that can digest anything. Hence, move forward with confidence! My hopes for you are high.

In December, I plan to conduct a forty-day witnessing course for CARP and Youth Federation members in Las Vegas. I want to teach them to be leaders of a global standard. To become such a leader, not only is it important to connect through the heart, but one should be able to communicate through language too.

Korea is the fatherland of our faith, True Parents’ fatherland. What does that imply? We must be able to embrace many brothers and sisters. The countries that stood at the frontline of missionary work… Korea was a bit weak. Those countries included Japan, America and Europe, Germany in particular.

Leaders in Korea were not fully capable of thinking about the world and the future; as a result, they have not been able to raise successors. Time does not wait for us. It actually feels a bit late. Are you then going to give up because of that? We must make it possible! Most leaders are in their sixties and seventies. Yet, did they raise successors?

Even though each of the providential organizations carries different responsibilities, I hope that they become one with the headquarters and work together in the same direction to bring about greater results. Since results are important, do not assert what is yours alone, but join hands and make greater results. The message I have given you this time is about this: Forgive, love and unite!

This is the true love “flu” of this age given to you by True Parents. I hope this spreads to the nation and moves on to all of Asia and the entire world and that you yield results from such a foundation…. When one catches the flu, one must try hard to recover from it. Isn’t that right? The true love flu! I hope that providential organizations and groups often collaborate and communicate with one another and bring about greater success.

A few days ago, the pope paid a visit to Korea and it became quite an issue. However, what came from his visit? He has left. The work that we do, however, is to save people. What else is greater than this, that we should be grateful for? Instead, you should be afraid of sleeping. Father tried not to sleep.

You said you would become devoted children and patriots. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you take after True Parents? Please become sons and daughters that resemble True Parents and realize their hopes. This is the only way to give blessings to our descendants in the future.

These days, I have been thinking a lot about indemnity. What can be done to establish a future without indemnity? You must do well. In other words, please do not put off your responsibilities. Just as I did, you should be able to say, “Follow in my footsteps!” Do you understand?

Only by doing so can a new era be formed through you. The Cheon Il Guk era, the kingdom of heaven on earth, the kingdom of heaven through you… Of course doors opened through True Parents, but how extensively we build a good environment depends on you. Isn’t that right? Being in the position of children, you have responsibilities. Now! This is harvest season. Make great determination, pledge to Heaven every day that you will bring great result and live a life of practice!


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