Toward an Upsurge in Tribal Messiah Successes

True Mother’s Address

Victory for Vision 2020! Global Worship Service for the Accomplishment of Our Mission as New Tribal Messiahs

October 26, 2014

Cheongshim Peace World Center, Korea



“Thank you.

October is a beautiful time of harvest. Blessed families, members of the Unification Church from around the world, how and what did you harvest today?

“Blessing” is a term that humanity and our Heavenly Parent deeply longed for, one that finally appeared after six thousand years. Until the term “blessing” appeared in the fallen world, our Heavenly Parent had to go through indescribable difficulties and True Parents had to carry out the entire providence of restoration through indemnity. Based on their victory, the term “blessing” finally appeared. The blessing… Thank you. However, how are our blessed families today?

We have commemorated the second anniversary of True Father’s ascension and are heading toward the third anniversary. At this point, what kind of determination should we make? In his final prayer, as he was leaving us, he asked that we fulfill our responsibilities as tribal messiahs. How seriously have you been putting that into practice in your lives?

Today, in two nations, tribal messiahs, who have been carrying out their responsibilities alongside all other members worldwide, have accomplished the restoration of four hundred and thirty families. Today, we have all come together. Let us all congratulate and encourage them. May today become a day of determination for every single one of us to achieve the same objective.

I spoke about the blessing. Through the blessing given to fallen humanity, humankind, you have been reborn and received new lives thanks to True Parents. If the fallen world is a polluted and stale world, blessed families are like fresh, clear water. You are like the water of life. What do you think? However, you have responsibilities. Please consider this. Even if you are like clear water, what happens if water remains stagnant? Its quality will deteriorate. Therefore, it must move. It must flow toward the ocean. Livings beings that are dying will revive wherever this true water of life flows. That is why it is necessary for tribal messiahs to act upon their responsibilities.

The tribal messiah movement will now become a huge wave and will spread beyond Thailand and the Philippines; it will pass through several countries in Asia and pass through Europe, the Americas, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East. It is swelling and moving toward the ocean. Wherever this wave passes, countless people will be reborn.

We cannot rely on anything in the world. The only method is for us to let others know about True Parents. Only when my family, my tribe and my nation become one with True Parents, aligned with the providence, and then they ride on a big wave that spreads to the five oceans and six continents can one world under God, one world—the kingdom of heaven on earth that our Heavenly Parent and humanity longs for—become true. Until that day comes, the day for which humanity has longed, it is my hope that all blessed families, all members of the Unification Church, become one in heart and in body, harmonized in thought and one with True Parents through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Can you stand still knowing that our brothers and sisters are still out there, miserable and struggling like orphans? You must stand up. Will you do that?

This event is one through which we must unite. We must confidently testify to the world that True Parents have come. You must help people outside our movement become aware of True Parents’ achievements and of how great they are. Do not be afraid. Under the name True Parents, I say that wherever you act and reach out, the spiritual and physical worlds will be with you. What is there to be afraid of then? Confidently cry out. Confidently show the world that you are true blessed families, children of True Parents. Remember that this is the only way you can stand in the ranks of an ancestor of a victorious true family that has guided the seven billion people in becoming citizens of Cheon Il Guk, the status we so longed for. I hope you all become victorious, devoted and loyal sons and daughters.”



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