First European meeting for Jacob Children Initiative


FFWPU Europe: The first meeting for the Jacob Children Initiative in Europe took place during the weekend 12th to 14th of September in our newly renovated seminar place, Neumühle Training Center, in Bad Camberg, Germany. Some 20 participants, both parents and children, came together to share their experiences.

The meeting focused on testimonies, sharing, question and answer sessions and networking, but there was also time for a few shorter presentations. Hans Karlsson spoke about the Value and Inheritance of the Blessing and Susan Crostwaithe informed about the First Generation Matching Process which has been used in Europe with substantial success since 2008.

Susan also talked about the need for healing and introduced the Emotion Code which is a tool she and other brothers and sisters in our movement has worked with for quite long time.

Jacob Children have been raised in the faith and tradition of True Parents, but when it comes to the matching and Blessing they are first generation. For many of these families it has been hard to deal with this situation and we heard various tearful testimonies about the pains suffered both by parents and children.

This first meeting gave an opportunity to share our hearts and during reflection time a general desire was expressed that “we need to meet again”. One father said that “through this meeting I feel that there is a real consideration for our Jacob children in our movement. The Blessing is the most important and deepest commitment in our lives and I like to hear the attitude of personal care for every matching candidate”.

Then he added, “I take this meeting as hopeful for the future. I like the open conversations between us and I got good advice how to handle the situation with our children. If there is another meeting I will certainly invite our children”.

Several of the children talked about the importance of identity. “It is good to find that there are others in the same situation and that there people who want to help.” And, “We feel that we are not alone and it is good to hear what other children think.”

One mother expressed, “I have realized how much we need the community support as sometimes we as families find ourselves isolated or lonely. So much depends on the situation between the parents and the children, and we often need outside support to improve our parent-child relationships.”

She added, “True Mother has recently spoken about forgive, love and unite and this is the flow we need to find to empower each other.”

Additional support to the meeting was given by David and Kyung Ja Hanna, directors of the European Blessed Family and Education Department, as they participated throughout the weekend.

The Jacob Children Initiative has been coordinated by Hans Karlsson together with Sergio and Anja Brina from Germany and James and Britta Houston from Sweden.

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