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FFWPU Paraguay: Home group seminar for the victory of vision 2020 seminar was held in Paraguay on September 27~29. Rev. Seo Seong Jong who was assigned as a special envoy to Paraguay, prepared this seminar with sincere heart and did conditions for long time. First he had invited two families in the church headquarters everyday and he had done a face-to-face talk during two months. Also, after the second anniversary of Seong Hwa ceremony of True Father, he and his wife visited two blessed families everyday and thanked the two families for their hard work during the past years.

After that, they could know the good and the weak points, the opportunities and the risks confronted by the church. Because of such experiences and dedication with the families, they could prepare the seminar with much confidence and support from the members, it´s because they had listened and sympathized with their situation during the past visits in the homes of these families. They share their strategy and vision of 2020 project and this encouraged people to participate the seminar and as a result, many members participated with positive and hopeful mind in the 3 days seminar.

During the seminar, president Koichi used a Hand book to educate the“Internal life of faith” and importance of Hoon Dok family church, then gave a powerful motivation for witnessing. And his wife Choi Ok Lan gave a good impression to members with the testimony of how her life changed internally after she established and practiced based on a goal every week in the home group. That gave them an opportunity for members to decide to practice in the home group. And also, the Special Envoy , Rev. Seo Song Jong gave an example how to witness through the one-on-one divine principle lecture that he practiced for more than 20 years, and that gave a big opportunity to have a confidence to the members encouraging the members to witness not just based on theory but really in practice with good results. He also explained about witnessing based on the foundation of “Oikos” which can be used in our daily life, and at the end, there was a question and answer session to help participants understand more and clarify their doubts.

The participants said their thoughts: Now I can understand the importance of HoonDok family church and methods of operation, we could have a big hope of giving the lecture with one-on-one divine principle as the New Messiah tribal, and we felt God is together with us in this seminar.


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FFWPU Colombia: Approximately 200 members of the Unification Church of Colombia attended the Sunday service by Dr. Chang Shik Yang on September 28. Through his sermon all members realized again their greatest mission as apostles of this era and to testify about True Parents. Finally, a condition was set for members of Colombia: to witness for one person per month and do one on one. He concluded with a prayer, and everyone had held hands. Then a historic photo was taken in front of the building of the headquarters of the Church of Colombia with all members, along with Dr. Yang and Rev. Shin.

Also In commemoration of the International Day of Peace, an event was held with Ambassadors of Peace in Colombia Embassy of Peace on September 27 with the presence of Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Chairman of UPF International and Rev. Dong Mo Shin, Latin-American´s continental Director.

Here you can Rev. Yang sermon in Portuguese video: http://vimeo.com/afupmbrasil/videos/


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FFWPU Ecuador: Celebrating the International Day of Peace, 24 ambassadors of peace met in Quito, in the last Day of September with Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Dong Mo Shin. Dr. Yang explained his experience working together with religious leaders when True Father, sent 150 religious leaders from around the world, during 40 days, visiting the holy places of each great religions. They started like enemies in some cases, but in the end they really could experience the feeling of brothers and sisters.

One day, Rev. Yang cooked “Shin lamen” for Ecuador leaders. Furthermore the next day, after visiting various church properties and tourist spots “Mitad del Mundo”, Rev. Yang visited the local market and Korean shop, he bought some Kimchi, dubuand Korean food and chose pork for soup of Kimchi by himself. He cooked soup of Kimchi and served it for leaders of Ecuador. Ecuador leaders felt very natural atmosphere of family. They were able to feel and imagine the early life of our church. They thanked Rev. Yang specially and determined that they will learn more family atmosphere throughout the Home Group activity.

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FFWPU Peru: September 23, A Peace Day Celebration was held at the Congress in Lima. Dr. Yang spoke to the auditorium on the importance of the work of UPF. Moreover, other speakers explained about the topic on peace. (Dr. Lescano Congressman, Rev. Trevor Jones, Ambassador of Palestine, Peruvian former ambassador for Indonesia, Former Minister of Defense)

New Ambassadors for Peace: There was a meeting with members at the HQ in Lima, Dr. Yang reported to the members about the UPF World Summit in Korea in August this year and Rev. Shin shares with the members some testimonies from Home Groupe activities in Brazil. In addition, two days of HDH, with Rev. Shin, explaining the importance of Home Group and Witnessing One on One. In leaders meeting, the national leader did annual report of Peru.

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FFWPU Bolivia: Interreligious Meeting for the International Day of Peace, September 24, 2014, AESUCM-La Paz, there was the presence of religious leaders and Ambassadors of Peace. September 25, 2014, in the Communications Center Building of La Paz, the main event was held to mark the International Day of Peace. There was the lecture presentation of the President of the AESUCM-Bolivia, about the “Vision of Father Moon Need for Interreligious Council at the UN.” Three hundred participants from different areas of society attended the event, the religious leaders gave some celebration quotes on the International Day of Peace, the various religious leaders were representing Judaism, Buddhism, Christians and Catholics participated in the Interfaith Ceremony for Peace. The Holy water ceremony was also part of this event; the religious leaders expressed their intention for Interfaith Harmony. Each religious leader offered a prayer for World Peace and a FPU-Bolivia proposed to combine efforts and work cooperatively for peace. The responsible person of the AESUCM -Tarija, recited the poem “Crown of Glory”, which made the participants shed tears. Participants were very grateful to participate in this event.


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FFWPU Uruguay: Rev. Yukinobu Horimoto, from San Jose city, was doing a voluntary service of “Origami lesson” in the school of a poor area during 8 years. Seven hundred kindergarten and elementary students had loved the origami lessons given by Rev. Horimoto. The school principal (who is a Peace Ambassador) was grateful to Rev. Horimoto. Last year, the works of Rev. Horimoto was recognized in the National Assembly and a name was given “Japan school”. In addition, missionaries of Cheong Il Guk received love from the school by the voluntary service and performance of “Soran Boushi”.

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FFWPU Brazil: We had summer vacation seminars for elementary students, Sung Hwa students and new guests, all young people were held on the 22nd until the 27th. It was really good to see Sung Hwa students staff taking care the elementary students with love and also University students planned the seminar themselves and invited their friends.

Japanese CIG missionaries arrived in Brazil about one month. They are preparing themselves to start witnessing activities. Wherefore they are endeavoring to learn Portuguese and training Divine Principle One on One lectures. In addition, to learn Portuguese faster, every day immediately after breakfast they clean up the headquarters with CARP members.

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