FFWPU Nigeria Honored at Centenary USA-NCUSA Awards


FFWPU USA: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification Nigeria (FFWU Nigeria) was honored on Saturday, September 27th, during the Nigerian Centenary celebration in New York City. This year, the nation of Nigeria celebrates her 100 years of amalgamation since 1914. Unificationists joined in with the Nigerian community in America to celebrate the day, and to receive a special award.

The celebration was held to honor people and organizations that have had a significant impact on the nation and culture of Nigeria, which included the presentation of the Nigeria Centenary USA-NCUSA Awards.

Since the beginning of this year, FFWPU Nigeria has been promoting a campaign to keep Nigeria united as one nation, based on the words of True Parents during a visit in 2011. Because of this work, FFWPU Nigeria received the award for “outstanding Nigerian representing an organization that has contributed immensely to the development of Nigeria.”

The award is a special recognition organized by the Royal Maids LLC USA, with endorsement from the Nigerian president, the office of the Secretary to the Federal Government of Nigeria, and the Ambassador of the Nigerian Consulate in New York.

“I believe this award is coming to us as a result of our True Parents’ investment, sacrifices and deep love for Nigeria,” remarked Olaleye Alao, President of FFWPU Nigeria and representative recipient of the award. “I and FFWPU Nigeria feel humbled by this recognition. I therefore dedicate this award to our True Father and True Mother who loved Nigeria more than anyone in the world. I saw how True Father poured out his heart to my nation when True Parents visited Nigeria in 2011, and I believe that Nigeria is protected and still remains as one nation today because of True Parents.” Read More

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