Boston Gets to Know True Father


FFWPU USA: The Boston Family Church was filled to the brim last Saturday for a special event organized by Mrs. Hiroko Hiroi and her Evangelical Team, with special support from the Worcester Family Church and Faith Fusion in Manchester. One hundred and thirty participants, including 30 guests and a number of American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) ministers, filled the sanctuary for the “Celebration Banquet – Honoring the Life of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.”

“The purpose of the event was to bring the heart of True Father into our midst for the benefit of those who did not know him,” said James Edgerly, pastor of the Boston Family Church. “We did that by eating the food he loved, singing his favorite songs, listening to stories of his life, sharing words of ‘Hoon Dok Hwe’ and seeing photographs and videos of times together.”

Satoe Sakuma and Chad Johnson opened the event to a standing crowd. Following the invocation by Dr. Hilson of the New Hope Baptist Church of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, participants enjoyed a delicious Korean meal, lovingly prepared by Kinuyo Edgerly and her hardworking team.  The Boston Family Church band led the audience through three beautiful Korean songs that they had learned from True Father—“Ommaya”, “Sarang He” and “Holo Arirang.” Michael Perkins then read True Father’s words form the new Cheong Seong Gyeong. READ MORE

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