40 Years Unification Movement in Poland 1974 – 2014

40years “All that was done during these 40 years was out of love toward You, Heavenly Parent”

Warsaw, Poland, 12. October 2014


FFWPU Europe (by Martha and Christoph Kral): As the Polish Family Church we celebrated this remarkable Anniversary in the Peace Embassy, in Warsaw. Prior to the celebration a 40 day prayer condition for purification and repentance was laid by brothers and sisters including 2nd Generation, and numerous Polish brothers and sisters abroad. We had the honor of hosting True Parents’ Emissaries for Eastern Europe Dr. Moon Lan Young and Dr. Pak No Hi as special guests, together with Rev. Rainer Fuchs our sub-regional Leader from East Europe.

Forty years ago on October 1, 1974 the Teaching of the Divine Principle was brought to Communist Poland through our brother J. In the early eighties missionaries from Austria – Butterfly Mission – entered Poland and after the fall of the Berlin Wall other missionaries from France, Japan, Scandinavia and other nations arrived in Poland. Together with Polish brothers and sisters they built the Foundation for True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind in the Nation of Poland.

The specific situation of Poland was that for nearly ten years, until the crush of the Berlin Wall, two underground missionary groups were working independently not knowing about each other’s existence. One in the North, in Warsaw, centered on our elder brother and one in the South, in Cracow, centered on Martha and Christoph Kral. There were also two other Austrian missionaries working in Warsaw independently. After the fall of communism these groups got united.

40 years is a long time and the movement went through many difficult times, as if going through the wilderness. In order to remember the sacrifices from all missionaries, national messiahs and all Polish brothers & sisters, the Polish Movement did not only want to celebrate the 40 Year Anniversary, but also prepared a Special Offering Ceremony in order to offer to Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind all their sacrifices made and unconditional love invested in the nation of Poland.

A large document was prepared with the title “Offering and Dedication to our Beloved Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind”.

Many guests and even smaller children signed this document which was then offered by the current acting National Leader through a special prayer in the Offering Ceremony. The program included a presentation as the two main branches of the Polish movement in its early days: first of the Warsaw branch by Krzysztof G. and then of the Butterfly Mission from the former Butterfly missionary Martha. A power point presentation attempted to cover the most important events of the 40 year history. Of course songs and hymns were sung. Even a famous Polish March from Polish Chief of State Jozef Pilsudski was transformed into a “Marsz” to honor the first missionary work.


The final closing was ushered by the speeches of our True Parents’ Emissaries Dr. Moon and Dr. Pak. They already brought a lot of changes in the atmosphere of our Polish movement and we often feel the help and support of their prayers. When they are in Poland we experience strongly the presence of True Parents through them.

Dr. Moon said, “I am so delighted to see you again. You make me feel that I have come home. In particular I am all the more honored and thankful to be part of this truly meaningful commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the mission work in Poland.”

Dr. Pak shared the motto and guidance of True Mother, “Forgive, Love, Unite and always be grateful”. He said, “First forgive yourselves, keep hand with your neighbor, say ‘I love you’, and then unite.” At this very moment, something amazing happened: our senior brother, who was the first missionary, arrived and joined us for the first time since many years. All brothers and sisters stood up and welcomed him with a big applause; tearful hugs were exchanged and an amazing joy and unity filled the sanctuary. It was like a miracle, not planned but guided by Heavenly Parent and True Parents. This was the absolute and unexpected highlight; Our elder brother, who started the mission in Poland 40 years ago, arrived precisely at the right moment, at the end of the offering and celebration of this forty year course.

After lunch everyone had the chance to share their heart, sing songs etc. Our dear elder brother related some of his first experiences in the early days of his mission, which moved us all very deeply. Later other brothers and sisters shared, and a lot of tears were shed. Through our tears the spirit of God was present. We all felt deeply, that these 40 years were brought to a victorious conclusion and that we were now able to look forward with hope to the next forty years and bring victory in Poland to our Heavenly Parent and True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind.40years3


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