2 Days Divine Principle Workshop

FFWPU Spain: We held a 2 days Divine Principle workshop in our training center “The spring of Heart”, near Madrid, on 19. – 21. September 2014. It is always gratifying to watch how the Divine Principle has the power to inspire and transform the people. We were a small group of about 17 people altogether, their were 4 brand new guests who came for the first time to a workshop, and another 4 who had already assisted to one.

One woman came all the way down from Soria, a city almost 3 hours drive away, although she could just attend on Sunday. Of course, each participant has his own situation, but the warm atmosphere and good feeling created among us and the power of the Divine principle, combined with being in nature far away from the big city, where we can feel God more easily contribute to give each a fabulous experience.

One of the new guests wanted to quit the workshop on the first day, as he came by his own car, ready to leave with his luggage in his hand, then a sister near him was biting by a bee and he helps her by putting bleach on the bit. After helping this sister he stayed until the end, attending al lectures. We saw 2 movies, that where very interesting and everybody liked: “My name is Khan” and “Heaven is real”. We had good cooks and everybody was satisfied with the food, so I realized the importance of creating a good balance between spiritual and physical food.

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