Learn to Lead—From Local to Global


WFWP USA: Every woman—whether she is your daughter, mother, sister or wife—is a leader in her own right. We invite men and women to celebrate and magnify the capacity of women at the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) National Assembly on October 25!

The assembly, “Learn to Lead—From Local to Global”, happening in Washington, D.C., marks the 22nd anniversary of WFWP. WFWP founder, True Mother, together with True Father, inaugurated WFWP in 1992, understanding that women will play a central role in providing leadership “based not on the logic of power, but on the logic of love.” Continuing to strive for this vision, at WFWP’s National Assembly we will rejuvenate each other’s spirits and empower each other as we create a bright future in America and the world.

“We have an exciting program prepared for ladies (and gentlemen) of all ages to discuss, explore and celebrate women leadership and its role in shaping a new future for humanity,” explains Teresa Ferrete, Event Coordinator for WFWP’s National Assembly. “Strength and power become a reality when women are cherished and uplifted. Imagine a world where all women actually respect and support each other, where men see women as partners and where women are honored as the unique nurturers that they are, bringing a vital life force. Learn to Lead is where the world can come together as one family centered on the harmonious balance and embrace of our Heavenly Parent.”

On Saturday, October 25th, 2014, the program will take place at the Washington Times Ballroom. There will also be a “Leadership through Service” project preceding the event, on October 23 in Washington, D.C., partnering with schools and other organizations to exercise living for the sake of others. The Learn to Lead event will follow, exploring the importance of empowering women to lead from the heart in order to impact their families, communities, nation and world. Read More  

For more information and to register please visit www.wfwp.us or email the Event Coordinator, Teresa Ferrete, at events@wfwp.us. Be sure to check out the daily videos on Facebook leading up to the convention!

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