You Who Live with Devotion are the Hope of the Unification Movement

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“Today, I am truly happy to be able to visit this sanctuary of the Saga Church which represents the glory of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents, and was offered with the internal and external devotions of each of you brothers and sisters. I am also extremely honored to be able to share True Mother’s keynote address at this convention commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the Founding of the Japanese Unification Church. True Mother has asked me to convey her love and gratitude to you, and the fact that you are the very hope of the future…”


FFWPU Japan: “Fukuoka Respected by All People” and “East Garden, Land of Holy Light.” In Fukuoka, where True Father established Holy Grounds, a Banquet for Members of Merit in the Unification Movement of Japan was held on September 27. During the day, Mt. Ontake in central Japan had erupted unexpectedly, affecting even flights from

Okinawa, and the banquet began after a 30-minute delay. The 252 persons of merit from the Region 12 in Fukuoka who gathered at the Hilton Fukuoka Seahawk Hotel welcomed FFWPUI Director-General Sun Jin Moon with a flood of emotions and applause. Mr. Yasuo Takamatsu, leader of the North Fukuoka Parish and emcee, opened the event. Following a representative report prayer by Mrs. Keiko Karami, women leader of the Fukuoka Parish, a second-generation couple, Takahito Kajiwara and Kimi Muraoka, presented a bouquet of flowers to Sun Jin Nim’s couple.

Next, President Eiji Tokuno of the Unification Church of Japan gave the organizer’s greetings. Emphasizing that Sun Jin Nim’s couple visited Japan on behalf of the True Parents, and after the Global Youth Festival was held with tremendous success on Sept. 23 at the Makuhari Messe, the only areas in Japan they were touring would be the Region 13 of Okinawa and the Region 12 of Fukuoka and Saga.

He further testified, “Sun Jin Nim truly comforts True Parents from the bottom of her heart, and the most wonderful part of the Youth Festival program was her reading of True Mother’s speech with tears.” He encouraged the members further, saying, “Tomorrow, the Saga Church event will be held. Let us inherit True Parents’ heart through Sun Jin Nim, and become members of the Region 12 who can become the engine of Japan.”

Chairman Yong Cheon Song of the Japan Blessed Family Association next introduced Sun Jin Nim, saying, she is a very humble person who always conveys news of joy to True Mother. “Japan’s low birth rate and aging population is serious, and how can we stop the decline in economic activity and international competitiveness that comes with a reduced working population? The fundamental cause of this is the issue of values related to marriage and the family. The Pure Love and Blessing movement by True Parents is the ultimate solution. Let us promote the Blessing Movement as much as possible.”

The banquet was opened with a toast by Nagasaki remarks. Parish Leader Bong Kyu Song, and for entertainment, the Fukuoka Sunhak Chorus performed four songs. When the children gave greetings, “Sun Jin Nim! Welcome to Kyushu!”, the couple also greeted the children, and truly enjoyed their angel-like singing. Perhaps they were familiar with the song, “Hana wa Saku (the Flowers Bloom)” as the song for the East Japan Great Earthquake. As Sun Jin Nim wiped her eyes during the song, the participants also were deeply moved, and the entire hall was filled with emotion. When the encore performance of “Inochi no Uta (Song of Life) was finished, Sun Jin Nim’s couple went on stage immediately, and took a commemorative photo with the Sunhak Chorus.

Following the entertainment, all of the participants rose by Parish with their elders, and offered bows of gratitude to Sun Jin Nim’s couple. Amidst the gratitude and the high emotions, Sun Jin Nim rose to the podium and gave her remarks.

“The members of the Japanese Church understand the mother’s heart best in the world. When I heard about your devotion and how you have gone the way of God’s will, I truly felt that I was very lacking. I try to support

True Mother as a member of the True Family; however, I feel that each and every one of you is a true child of True Parents, and a member of the True Family. By spending time with you, I feel real hope for the future of the Unification Movement, and I myself was able to feel God’s heart in many ways. I felt through you what it is to live for the sake of others and true love.”

“I feel sorry to stand before you in this way. Yet I am truly happy to be able to spend such an evening of sharing in heart and love together. In particular, as I heard the voices and saw the pure second generation, I felt hope for not only Japan, but for the Unification Movement of the world. I really felt the spirit of many young people. I am lacking as a representative of True Mother, but on behalf of Mother, I wish to offer gratitude to all of you.”

When Sun Jin Nim closed her remarks, the hall was filled with thunderous applause and cheers that did not stop. Amidst the amazing atmosphere, Fukuoka Parish Leader Dong Soo Cheong offered four cheers of Eok Mansei. In closing, commemorative photos were taken by each Parish, and the event came to an end filled with much grace and inspiration.

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