Yeon-jin Moon and Jeung-jin Moon’s Joint Holy Wedding

FFWPU USA: We would like to extend our congratulations to True Parents’ youngest children, Yeon-jin Moon and Jeung-jin Moon, on their joint Holy Wedding held on September 12, 2014 (August 19 on the heavenly calendar in the second year of Cheon Il Guk) at the Cheon Jeong Museum in Korea.

True Parents officiated the joint Holy Wedding with more than three hundred world leaders and invited guests from Korea, Japan, America and Europe present.

Yeon-jin Moon and her husband, Jan, and Jeon-jin Moon and her husband, Joseph, took part in a special forty-day period of devotion and study before receiving the Holy Marriage Blessing from True Parents. During this time, True Mother offered deep prayer and devotion of her own in preparation for their ceremony in full unity with True Father in the spiritual world. On the day of their Holy Wedding, the two happy couples repeated the vows that all Unificationists vow upon receiving the Marriage Blessing: to commit to live a life of absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience to God and each other based on True Parents’ teachings and traditions. Following their ceremony, both couples have chosen to spend their first 40-days of marriage offering another period of special devotion to God.

Congratulations again to the happy couples! Let’s come together as one global family and pray that the grace and great blessing of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents be with their families for all eternity.

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