Walking With God Every Day, All Day!


FFWPU USA: When we talk about our social life or love life, we treat it as something we have to fit into our busy schedules. Is this how we live our spiritual life as well? If we define a spiritual life by how much we pray or attend church, then the answer would be yes, but isn’t a relationship with God so much more than that?

We feel most closely connected with God when we involve Him and Her in our everyday lives, not just as an afterthought but a tangible, real parent who is always at our side. God is accessible right here, right now.

How can we walk with God every day, all day? From waking up in the morning, through our work day and to our afternoon workout, social time, our meals and as we wind down for the day, God can experience our whole life with us. Stuck on how to invite God into your life? Here’s a breakdown of a typical daily schedule, and tips on how to live a spiritual life every minute of the day!

As True Father, a man who walked with God his whole life, said, “Remember that God is always with you. Should you have such an attitude internally, you can inspire your mind constantly. Of great importance in your life is how you can pioneer a way of inspiring and stimulating your mind in such a way, daily.” Read More

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