Twenty-one Year Commemoration of True Parents’ Visit to Okinawa

jp 9 (2)A family of true love is the foundation of world peace Okinawa kicks off a new peace movement

Dr. Sun Jin Moon appealed APTF convention attended by 1,700 people

FFWPU Japan (September 27): Under the main theme ‘ True Family Movement and Realization of World Peace’, on September 27th in the morning, about 1,700 people assembled in the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan city for ’Commemorative Rally of the 21st anniversary of True Parents’ visit to Okinawa’ organized by the Association to Promote True Family (APTF).

This Okinawa rally followed the 10,000-youth convention earlier in Tokyo, both with Dr. Sun Jin Moon, Director General of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International, as the keynote speaker on behalf of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon. This rally was made possible thanks to the 21-year-long aspiration of Okinawa members to ‘receive True Parents to Okinawa’. It was in fact full of grace and benefits.

Still the summer temperature of nearly 30 degrees centigrade as well as the beautiful sea, once described by Nobel Prize winning novelist, Yasunari Kawabata, as ‘the seven-colored sea’ welcomed Dr. Sun Jin Moon in her first official visit to Okinawa. One of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan, Okinawa was also the deadly battleground between Japanese and American armies in the Battle of Okinawa, in which 190,000 Japanese people lost their lives with over 120,000 being local Okinawa people.

Because of this history, upon arriving in Okinawa, Dr. Sun Jin Moon and her husband In Sup Park went to the Peace Memorial Park in the south. They offered flowers and prayed at the monument called ‘Cornerstone of Peace’, on which inscribed are a total of 240,000 names of military personnel and civilians who had died in the battle including Japanese, American, Korean, British and Taiwanese nationals.

Referring to that history in her keynote address, Dr. Sun Jin Moon urged the audience this way: “I felt re-committed to eliminating conflicts and violence in the world. Let us work together to turn the painful history into a new era of true love and sustainable peace!”

Referring to Dr. Han’s Okinawa visit 21 years before, Sun Jin Nim introduced True Mother’s words of encouragement:

“A typhoon is formed in the south and moves northbound. Likewise, why not the flame of faith may be transmitted from Okinawa to other parts of Japan?” Sun Jin nim also stressed:

“Okinawa has always been in Dr. Han’s prayer and heart. Likewise, I, too, would like to affectionately love the land and people of Okinawa. I am truly grateful to spend such a precious moment together with you.” Then, she read out True Mother’s speech “The path to the future world of peace’ on behalf of Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

Sometimes, trying to contain her excitement and emotion, Dr. Sun Jin Moon read the message text through, to the repeated applause and cheers from the audience.

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True Mother said in the keynote address: “Our Heavenly Parent, who is the embodiment of true love, stands ever ready to help us. However, it is all up to us now. We must awaken, listen to and obey our conscience. The conscience is our second God, our second Heavenly Parent. If we are always spiritually awake, with Truth and the Holy Spirit dwelling within us, and we pray and live with gratitude for each circumstance of our lives, we will be able to hear our Heavenly Parent’s voice and experience the Love that can quake your whole body.”

Furthermore, True Mother said: “People, who have brought mind and body into unity and who practice true love by serving, volunteering and contributing to society in accordance with the conscience can truly be called good men and women. If these people meet True Parents, receive the Holy Blessing based on true love, and form exemplary families, these families will become the cornerstone of peace. A true family is the nucleus of a peaceful world. When a true family is expanded, a new era of true nations and a true world opens up.”

She thus urged that the True Family Movement is really necessary to open a new future. Prior to the keynote address, APTF President Dr. Eiji Tokuno said: “It is most vital for peace and security of Japan and East Asia to strengthen solidarity among Japan, South Korea and the USA, which share the similar values of democracy and freedom based on theism. Another important factor is to enhance True Family Movement on to a national dimension.” He then proclaimed: “The base of generating peace in Asia at large and the kick-off point of True Family Movement should be found in your beloved Okinawa!”

In a welcome remark, Dr. Yeon Chong Song, Honorary President of APTF, pointed out that the declining birthrate and aging population are caused “not just because of young people’s economic circumstances and child-rearing environment, but also, more essentially, their value systems and consciousness which do not appreciate family values.” He urged this way: “The True Family Movement advocated by Dr. Hak Ja Han will be a national salvation which is indispensable for revitalizing Japan and its sustainable prosperity.”

In the finale, as if to inherit the heaven’s fortune brought by Dr. Sun Jin Moon, the whole audience sang a chorus of ‘Heavenly Fortune Kachashi’ in tune with the Ryukyu Band. As some VIP guests got excited and went on stage, many people stood up and dance the Okinawa’s traditional Kachashi.

Finally, led by Mr. Chongho Chon, APTF Okinawa’s Senior Advisor, all the audience said four cheers of Mansei. Then, centering on Dr. Sun Jin Moon’s couple, the whole participants had the commemorative photo taken together, before closing the rally.

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