The Unification Church Family Members are the True Victors of Peace

jp 9 (6)Sun-Jin nim offers flowers at the Peace Memorial Park where 240 thousand war victims rest


FFWPU Japan: On September 26, with the sun beating strongly down, reminiscent of a hot summer afternoon, Dr. Sun-Jin Moon, the Director General of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and her husband paid their visit to Okinawa. They headed immediately to the Peace Memorial Park in Itoman City, a forty-minute drive from Naha City.

Dr. Sun-Jin Moon’s group first paid their respects at the “Cornerstone of Peace” monument where “inscription monuments” bearing the names of those who perished during the battle of Okinawa were erected in a radial pattern.

After Dr. Sun-Jin Moon offered some flowers representing the group, they offered a bow and a silent prayer.

Turning around from the monument, the superb view of the turquoise ocean and the endless deep blue sky of Okinawa, jumped into sight at once. The gap between this beautiful view of Mother Nature and the blood and tears that were shed by thousands on this land made the group appreciate the value of peace once again.

The group then walked to the “Korean Memorial Tower” just a few minutes away, and Dr. Sun-Jin Moon offered some flowers. The entire group offered a bow and a silent prayer for all the Korean souls who regretfully lost their lives in the war far away from their homeland.


Visitation of the Naha Church

The group then headed for the Naha Church. At 4:30 in the afternoon on the same day, they were greeted by around 50 local church members with applauses and smiles. It was the very place where True Mother stopped by 21 years ago during her visit to Okinawa and had close exchange with the local family members.

Dr. Sun-Jin Moon’s couple received flowers of welcome at the church lobby and took pictures with the “Indian Laurel” (120 years old), a tropical plant that the local members have diligently nurtured and raised.

Then they went up to the sanctuary on the fifth floor. Rev. Eiji Tokuno offered a representative prayer, in appreciation of True Mother who sent Dr. Sun-Jin Moon to the land of Okinawa, and for the victory of the Okinawa Convention to be held the following day.

As the entire group took a picture together in a very friendly atmosphere, Dr. Sun Jin Moon spoke to the gathered family members.

“I visited the Peace Memorial Park today and facing the reality of war, I was filled with grief and devastation. However, in our church, we are one family whether we are Koreans or Japanese. In our church, even those members of one-time hostile countries are working together with absolute love and dedication, towards a common goal of peace. I want to offer a heartfelt “Saran hamnida” and “Kamsa hamnida” to all of you. You are the true victors of peace!”

Rev. Yeon Chong Song, the Chairman of the National Blessed Family Association, called out to the members; “True Mother sent Sun-Jin nim to Okinawa. Aren’t you extremely happy?” to which the members replied very loudly; “yes!!” The meeting ended with everyone applauding and shouting “Kamsa hamnida, True Mother!” following Rev. Song’s lead.


Welcome Banquet at a hotel in Naha City

In appreciation to Dr. Sun-Jin Moon’s couple’s visitation to Okinawa, a welcome banquet was held at a hotel in Naha City in the evening of September 26th. Around 100 people gathered for the event.

Rev. Eiji Tokuno greeted the guests. He explained that when he saw Dr. Sun-Jin Moon attend True Mother, he “realized how that is the ideal relationship between a mother and a daughter and how it made me happy just watching them interact.” “Let us resemble Sun-Jin nim and demonstrate the highest level of filial piety.”

In the welcoming remarks, Rev. Yeon Chong Song emphasized; “True Mother’s message that Dr. Sun-Jin Moon will be delivering tomorrow (27th) at the Okinawa Convention is a very important message given to the Japanese people.” “We must become one with True Parents through this message and bring the Rebuilding of Family movement to a higher level. Let’s start the True Family Movement from Okinawa and spread it nationwide.”

Dr. Sun-Jin Moon took the podium at the end. She expressed words of appreciation and touched upon her visit to the Peace Memorial Park. “We have seen how humanity repeatedly conducted manslaughter as long as we were not one family. However, through True Parents’ Words, no matter how large the differences and how high the walls, no matter how sorrowful the past, we can overcome them based upon absolute and unconditional love. By forgiving, loving, and uniting, we can achieve peace. This is the core of True Parents’ Words and their teachings, and this is the life that you have lived.”

The banquet came to a close after a photo session with the participants surrounding Dr. Sun-Jin Moon’s couple.

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