Some reflections of the participants of the Twenty-one Year Commemoration of True Parents’ Visit to Okinawa

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FFWPU Japan: Here are some reflection of the participants at the “Twenty-one Year Commemoration of True Parents’ Visit to Okinawa” on September 27.

This made me feel a day when the world will be united!

“I thank the invitation to such a great event! The dances by youth members were wonderful. Also I was moved by the Yoshida Family unit performing Okinawa music pieces together. The speech was plain to understand, feeling a day of the world’s unity and peace is not far away. The final Kachusha made everyone dance altogether including the organizers. I want to join this movement and offer my help for world peace.” (a male in his 50s from Uruma city)


I could find a sacred struggle to revive mankind

“In the Battle of Okinawa, young people of Japan and America had to be involved in the live-or-kill situation. But now we have True Family Movement advocated by Rev. and Mrs. Moon. This is the struggle to revive people by means of our lives and True Parents’ love. I felt strongly how fortunate we were to live such a significant life! This Okinawa rally should be the kick- off of constructing a beautiful and proud Japan!” (a male in his 20s from Naha city)


Very much moved by True Family!

“The enter tainment was really impressive. In every moment, I could experience a true family atmosphere, with singing and dancing, all wonderful. The message convinced me that, regardless of nationality, everyone wishes peace and happiness. While the translation was excellent, on-screen subtitles helped us understand the contents. The lottery was exciting and the final goat caused big laughter! This was my first participation, but I thank you for the invitation.” (a lady in her 60s from Itoman city)


This made me realize this is a genuine movement!

“I was introduced by a 20-year-long acquaintance. President Tokuno had impressed me a lot at the Security Seminar the other day. This organization is genuine, as I experienced in today’s rally, as well. I would like to participate in the True Family Movement more actively.” (a lady in her 50s from Okinawa city)

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