September issue of True Peace Magazine

Layout 1The PeaceTV English team :  We have published the September digital version of True Peace (TP magazine) which covers the commemoration of the second anniversary of True Father’s ascension. You can read it using the popular free program Adobe Reader. TP magazine is free of charge. You can download the magazine to print at home or read on a computer, tablet or smartphone by clicking one of these links:

  1. September
  2. August
  3. July
  4. June

If you register at, you can access all earlier versions of TP magazine and (gradually) all back issues of Today’s World magazine. Once registered on the site, hover over KakaoTalk & True Peace and a menu of items will drop down. Click on TP magazine. On the download page, you can download any issue as a pdf (or read the pdf without downloading it) by clicking Download. If you click View, you can read the digital magazine with pages that flip as pages do in a physical magazine. To send articles for inclusion in True Peace, please contact and include photographs at least 1 megabyte.


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