Saga Rally Commemorating the 55th Anniversary of the Founding of the Unification Church of Japan

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Ideal World of Peace Where All Come Together with God

Linking the Hearts of Japan and Korea with the Japan-Korea Tunnel



FFWPU Japan: The Saga Rally, the third in the series of gatherings being held in four places nationwide, in commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of the Founding of the Unification Church of Japan, is the only event to be held at a church facility.The day was Sunday, a day to offer worship service for Heavenly Parent, and all felt the presence of True Mother as the substantial Holy Spirit together with Director-General Sun Jin Moon’s couple, making it an event that was filled with the blessing of Heaven.

The Saga Church is a new church which was just dedicated on February 3, 2013. It is not only beautiful externally, having a café-like space, but all who visit can feel that this is a sanctuary that embodies the great devotion of each of the Saga Church members. Each and every brother and sister offered both internal and external devotions with the earnest heart “to welcome True Parents here in Saga,” and so it is indeed a sanctuary, ‘a holy temple’ dedicated to Heaven.

The members of Saga Parish have been bringing victory for the various providences of Heaven since they set the goal of building the church, with top results among the 65 Parish nationwide. Even after the church was completed, they have maintained that standard until today. Among the churches of Japan, the Saga members have been exemplary in their activities. To recognize their efforts and true heart, True Mother sent Sun Jin Nim to Saga, and created a precious opportunity to encourage the brothers and sisters there.

In the entertainment preceding the main event, the North Kyushu Sunhak Chorus performed two songs such as “Smile Again” with beautiful harmony, their faces lit up with joy. From Saga Church, “Pure Hearts,” a male and female duo gave a rousing performance of “Libertango” by classic guitar and violin, which was followed by the great hit, “Let It Go,” sung in Japanese and English by two female students of Japanese-Korean couples.

The main event was opened by the emcee, Parish Leader Jong Pil Pak, followed by a video presentation. President Eiji Tokuno gave the opening remark, saying “From this land of Saga, which is the starting point of the Japan-Korea Tunnel, please raise the passion to unite the two countries, transcending the walls of national borders and races, and become a key point, the bond of heart joining Japan and Korea centered on the true love and peace thought of the True Parents.”

Chairman Yong Cheon Song of the National Blessed Family Association of Japan also emphasized in his Welcoming Remarks, “Saga Prefecture is a focal point of the providence where much attention is given. This is because the Japan-Korea Underground Tunnel and the International Peace Highway, proposed by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, who dreamed about the realization of these projects, starts indeed from this prefecture. Saga is a bridge of unity between Japan and Korea, and it will become the gateway to Japan from the world.”

As Chairman Song and President Tokuno emphasized, the realization of the Japan-Korea Tunnel is an important providential mission for the Church of Japan. We can say that the fact that the base of the Tunnel lies in this region with the Region 12, signifies that the members of Region are destined to stand at the forefront of this movement.

About 50 years ago, True Father visited Japan for the first time in early 1965, toured various parts of Japan and established the Eight Holy Grounds. He came to Fukuoka, located in Region 12, on February 5 of the same year, and offered the calligraphic writing of “Fukuoka Respected by All People” and “East Garden, Land of Holy Light.”We cannot fathom the depth of the wish of Heaven, embodied in these writings.

Next, Director-General Sun Jin Moon of the FFWPUI rose to speak at the podium. At the beginning of the keynote address, she mentioned these calligraphies, saying, “Light draws us out of the darkness.The world today is in darkness due to constant problems and conflicts, but our blessed families will indeed become the holy light,” and then read out True Mother’s speech, “The Way to a Future World of Peace.”

In the speech,True Mother emphasized, “There is much difficulty in the path of life, following our conscience and the course of restoration through indemnity. My husband and I have forgiven the unforgivable for the sake of Heavenly Parent, and loved enemies who were difficult to love, for the sake of humanity. Further, for the sake of world peace, we practiced daily, the elimination of borders to become as one.” She stated, “The original mind (the sungsang portion of the heart) and the conscience (the hyungsang portion of the heart) must become one, centered on the true love of Heaven, and the mind and body must be unified. When parents and children harmonize in the family, nations are reconciled in the world, and the heavens and the earth become one in harmony, this is when the ideal world of lasting peace shall be realized.” She declared that the starting point of world peace is “a Life of Oneness.”

Following the speech, all sang “Mimune no Ouen-ka” together, and the rally closed with Three Cheers of Eok-mansei by Masaaki Minamizaki, Saga Parish Leader.

Director-General Sun Jin Moon had lunch together with local church members, and then set out for Karatsu, where the investigation shaft of the Japan-Korea Tunnel is located. The couple toured the site and encouraged the staff members.

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