Rally Brings Joyful Noise to New York Borough

FFWPU USA:  A God’s Hope for America Rally was held in the New York City borough of Queens on Sunday, September 21, 2014. Considering that this was the first rally in this borough in many years and that six guests came to the educational program afterward, the organizers felt it was a resounding success.

More than 100 people participated, with Unificationists from the Spanish Family Church in Manhattan and the local Spanish Family Church in the Jackson Heights neighborhood joining forces with the Queens Family Church.

The rally participants made a lot of noise, with music and songs preceding inspirational speeches from New York-area pastors Andrew Compton, John Arias, John Kung, Tom Cutts, Esteban Galvan and Tanya Edwards (and her minister guest) as well as Miguel Consoro from the local center and Rev. Zully Ferreira from the Crusaders for Jesus church, who offered a prayer. It was a festive rally, honoring both the United Nations’ International Day of Peace and the on-going God’s Hope for America post-pilgrimage events that are being held locally throughout the states. Many of the bystanders joined in the singing. Even the police offered to take pictures! Read More

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