Japan’s Youth! Come forward to save the world!

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FFWPU Japan , 23. September 2013: ‘Connect with the world! Talk about global contribution!’ – thus appealing to the youth across national, ethnic or cultural gaps, ‘Global Youth Festival (GYF) 2014’ was organized at the Makuhari Event Hall of Chiba prefecture, north of Tokyo, by the HSA-UWC on September 23rd. About 10,000 youth and students who would not spare efforts or even sacrifices for the better future gathered in the venue.’

Reflecting the participants’ aspirations, Dr. Sun-Jin Moon, Director General of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International, urged that true love and the peace ideology which had been manifested by True Parents should be the basis of improving Japan and the world.

Through superb fusion between True Parents’ keynote address which urged Japanese youth to build a world of true love and performances of new youth culture based on God’s love, the audience coming from all over Japan were overwhelmed by surprise and moving moments throughout the program.

The festival, supposedly to ‘launch a new youth movement’, was begun at 2 o’clock pm with the entrance of 40-nation flags and dance performances. After the opening was announced, President of the World CARP Japan, Mr. Katsumichi Motoyama, offered prayer.

This festival was internet-cast live to 285 locations of Japan and 40 countries. It was also joined by youth and students of 8 nations including Portugal, Costa Rica and Mongolia, from which overseas volunteers communicated with the festival on a large screen.

Then, a five-minute video entitled ‘Japan’s dynamic new youth movement’ was shown, reminding of the footsteps of True Parents who had dedicated themselves to nurture Japan’s future leaders.

President of the Unification Church of Japan, Rev. Eiji Tokuno, in his opening remarks, quoted a dictum of Bismarck of the German empire and proclaimed: “If you want to see the future of Japan’s Unification Movement and the future of Japan, look at these young people assembled in Makuhari.”

As the guests of honor were introduced, the Ambassador of Nigeria to Japan, H.E. Godwin Nsude Agbo, offered congratulatory remarks as follows: “My image of peace has a world where people are not discriminated with gaps of race, religion, nationality or social background, allowing coexistence for all. As the world faces many challenges, the roles of the Unification Movement with its global perspectives are becoming far more important.”

When the hall suddenly turned dark, about 120 young members including the second-generation children of the international Blessed families stood upon the stage. They sang an English song and danced impressively, to the excitement and applause of the audience.

In the remarks of encouragement, Rev. Yeon Chong Song, Chairman of the National Blessed Families Association, testified that Dr. Sun-Jin Moon most intimately attends

True Mother who pushes herself to stand at the forefront of the peace movement. Dr. Sun-Jin Moon performs her filial piety as True Mother’s best spokesperson of heart.

Rev. Song then urged the audience: “United in heart with Dr. Sun-jin Moon, Director General of FFWPU International, let us ignite a major youth movement and create a culture of heart by living for the sake of others! Let us generate new wind of youth culture to the world!” Amid vigorous applause, Dr. Sun-jin Moon appeared on the stage. She read out the keynote address entitled ‘A path towards the future world of peace’ with dignity on behalf of True Mother. At times, she was sobbing and urging the audience, who responded with large clapping of hands.

In the keynote address, True Mother revealed some episodes of the perseverance by True Father and True Mother, literary risking their lives in order to absolutely follow God’s Will for the realization of peace. She said: “I and Rev. Moon never avoided trials. Whenever baseless persecutions came against us, we never resented anyone but loved them. By overcoming the challenges, unexpected blessings were given. After half a century of our endeavors, we could establish our firm foundation of missionaries in 194 countries. We have built a solid base for one world which would attend Heavenly Parent.”

Furthermore, she urged the Japanese youth: “We can build a happy life and a world of peace which everybody wants. Gratitude will bring a heavenly fortune, while forgiveness opens people’s heart, and love will move the others’ hearts. Let us thank for anything, forgive even enemies, and love our neighbors like my own body, and unite as one for peace. Youth members of Japan! Let us go to a wider realm and stand at the forefront of saving the world!”

Then, among overseas projects carried out by the Unification Movement, a volunteer service of the Youth Federation for World Peace in Nepal as well as a volunteer activity by the Unification Church in the Solomon Islands were introduced.

In introducing a volunteer service called ‘U-Peace’ which was organized after the East Japan Great Earthquake three years before, some of them are now working in an assistance project at the site of the recent major soil avalanche in Hiroshima city in August. Its leader, Yoshihito Kato of U-Peace, reported their activity from the site to the audience via internet.

The convention approved ‘Tokyo Declaration’ and sang the festival’s official song in full chorus to conclude the festival. One of the participants, 22-year-old Miss Mari Sugawara commented on the festival: “I felt strongly that the youth have potentialities to alter the history and the world towards One Human Family under God. Even I have certain capacity to build a new world! Through Sun-Jin nim’s speech, I felt her love towards the second generation. As the True Family is dedicating themselves for world peace, I felt motivated to do any action possible.”

Subsequently, a victory celebration was held in a nearby hotel. One of the members of the House of Representatives attending the festival appreciated the event this way: “I have not seen a convention of a conservative camp with 10,000 youth. I was really moved! This convention testified the historical achievements of the Unification Movement and the Victory over Communism movement. That is to say, this is the outcome of counterarguments against communism and proposals for family revival.”

A university professor emeritus applauded this way: “Through her address, I felt warm affection of True Mother. In an intelligent manner of speech, Dr. Sun Jin Moon’s address was very persuasive and impressive.”

An Ambassador for Peace commented, “Beyond her own physical parents, Dr. Sun Jin Moon expressed universally- applicable greatness of True Parents of Mankind, while her gratitude to them were revealed in many paragraphs of her speech. I was truly moved!”

29-year-old Kazuhide Kikuchi who acted as the festival’s emcee said: “One friend who had not attended the church for three years came to this festival and commented afterwards that he was very delighted. I was very pleased to hear that.”

Rev. Takeshi Aoki, Director of Region No.14 including Chiba prefecture proclaimed: “Next event will be a youth festival at the Makuhari Event Hall exclusively by the Region No.14!” This youth festival apparently did stimulate the church as a whole tremendously.

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