International Day of Peace event held at the Albanian Academy of Science


FFWPU Albania: International Day of Peace event held at the Albanian Academy of Science in Tirana, Albania – September 19th 2014


We are very happy to share with you about the beautiful event we did on September 19th on the occasion of International Day of Peace. It has become already a tradition for FFWPU and UPF Albania to celebrate the International Day of Peace in very meaningful way.

In cooperation with the National Institute for Integration of Albanian Orphans, this year also we made an agreement to help 100 orphan children and provide them with education materials for the academic year 2014 – 2015. During August, a group of 8 volunteer members of Family Federation for World Peace did fundraising allover Albania to raise funds for that purpose. Besides this team, other members in other cities supported time by time the project.

The National Institute for Integration of Albanian Orphans together with other NGOs dealing with orphans in Albania selected 100 children to benefit from this project. We chose the Albanian Academy of Science as a venue to hold the final event and also chose the International Day of Peace as a great chance to give a very meaningful message to all the people of Albania.

Over 130 people, including 30 Ambassadors for Peace, members of FFWPU, volunteers who invested themselves to raise the funds for the project, joined the event on September 19th.

The event was moderated by Mr. Gani Rroshi – the President of FFWPU Albania. After thenking all participants and especially the volunteers who did FR during summer time, he explained the meaning of the International Day of Peace, the slogan for this year launched by the United Nations – The Right of Peoples to Peace – and emphasized the successful cooperation of FFWPU and Albanian Institute for Integration of Orphans.

Then he invited Dr. Arben Malaj – the Chairman of National Peace Council of UPF Albania to greet the participants.

On his congratulatory address, Dr. Malaj said that it was a very special day for him, since it was also his birthday. He said that there was no more meaningful celebration of his birthday then being together with people who love peace on the International Peace Day event and doing something for people in need.

Then Mr. Bajram Ibraj – the Chairman of UPF Albania – was invited to give his address on behalf of all Ambassadors for Peace. Mr. Ibraj thanked the volunteers of FFWPU by mentioning their names and continued by telling the participants a moving story of a judge and stealer which had happened in USA. “A poor man had stolen in order to eat & was caught by police. When brought in front of the judge, he accepted that he had stolen & told the reason why he did that. The Judge then punished him with a fine of 10$, but also said that because it is our society’s fault who made people become poor, I will pay the fine instead of him”.

At the end of his speech Mr. Ibraj said that he was deeply moved by the act of FFWPU volunteers who sacrificed their summer holidays to do something for orphan children and said that he feels obliged to do a symbolic act of donating some money for the next year’s event & he did so by asking also other AfP to do the same. His act was followed by other AfP present, including the Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Nora Malaj.

The next speaker was Mr. Ilir Cumani – General Director of National Institute for Integration of Albanian Orphans. Mr. Cumani also thanked from his heart the volunteers of FFWPU for their model in front of other people who have more possibility to help but practically do less. Mr. Cumani said that surely such project do not solve the problem of orphan children, but through such project we aim to make aware the public opinion and state agencies about the need to do more for orphans and especially on the field of Education.

The last speaker was Dr. Nora Malaj – Deputy Minister of Education and Sports. Dr. Malaj said in her address that as a women, as a mother, as government representative and as an Ambassador for Peace she feels very honored to be present in such audience and on such meaningful day – the International Day of Peace. She emphasized the need for more love and care on such trouble times and especially for those in great need as orphan children are. She told a children’s story about “a bet between the wind and the sun to make an old suffering man take of his jacket”. The wind tried hard by blowing strongly, but the man was keeping his jacket even stronger and asking God to help. After sometimes the wind gave up. Then it was the sun‘s turn. The sun

started to warm up slowly and after sometimes the man said “Thank You God for helping me” and took off his jacket. Therefore we need to share more love and are for each other, because only through love we can all have peace. She closed her address by promising to do more through the institution she works and with AfP.

Afterwards packages were delivered to orphan children present who were very happy to be part of such event. The event was covered by several TV channels.


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