GPA Begins—Expect Great Things!

FFWPU USA: The Generation Peace Academy (GPA) is reaching the end of its two-week kickoff workshop, and the newcomers to GPA feel prepared and inspired to begin their year of study and service. This summer, the new GPA brothers and sisters were already in the hearts of the staff and returning participants. Along with prayers, training and preparation, the second- and third-year participants showed their love for their newly arriving peers by making them reflection notebooks. A few days ago, they presented their beautiful notebooks to the new participants through a ceremony that represented the sentiment that we are finally all together and, as the singer Natasha Bedingfield said, “Today is where our book begins…the rest is still unwritten.”

However it seems that a lot has already been “written,” because a lot has happened already! Ice breaking activities have been a big part of the kickoff program, to ease relationships and form teams for going forward. The entire group shared many laughs and their hearts were moved as they showcased skits—hard work and creativity coming to life on stage. From Disney princesses to the hobbits of Lord of the Rings, the skits were heartfelt, hilarious and to say the least, a hit. On the field, teams represented their nation of ancestry in a volleyball competition. Chants and cheers filled the calmness of Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, New York. Along with the excitement, the competition brought together great support, teamwork and unity. Read More

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