Generation Peace Service, Upcoming Project 2014

Two major projects are planned to take place in the Dominican Republic.

Completing the Build of a Community Center for Villa Linda
GPA will be continuing work on the foundation of the community center in Villa Linda; the base of the community center was laid during the May 2013 Generation Peace Academy Project). This will consist of putting a roof on the building, painting the premises and clearing the grounds around the center. The completion of the community center build represents an essential place for the community to have educational programs, community meetings and other public events.

Santiago – Rebuilding the Colegio de Unidad school
Low cost education is important for low income families in the Dominican Republic. Running schools that provide low-cost education is a difficult task since school premises and their upkeep all need financial and time investment. GPA will be helping the Colegio de Unidad a school in Santiago, turning an empty lot into a playground. This work consists of breaking down a wall, leveling and cleaning out the lot and creating a mural on the wall. Furthermore, several educational classes are planned with the school kids, in which they can playfully exchange and connect with English native speakers.

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