Divine Principle and the Secret to Healthy Living


FFWPU USA: When it comes to healthy living, if knowledge were the only thing required, we would all be Olympic athletes. We all want to live a happy and healthy life, and ideally for as long as possible! There is no shortage of theories as to the best ways to do this, but what it all boils down to is balance. To paraphrase the Buddha, it’s all about “the middle way”.

The Divine Principle teaches that we are not just a mind, a body, or a spirit, but the harmonious union of all three. Unification Thought tells us that “a person’s spirit mind and physical mind engage in harmonious give-and-receive action centering on Heart, and their faculties of intellect, emotion and will are equally developed in a balanced way, centering on Heart” (The New Essentials of Unification Thought, 165). Centered on our Heart (with a capital H! Not the organ that pumps blood but our spiritual, intangible center), our body, mind, and spirit are united and correspond to three important elements: intellect, emotion and will. Read More

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